Feintool Technology Forum 2021 Part 3.

Feintool Technology Forum 2021: FEINmonitoring and Smart Maintenance

The third part concluded the digital event series “Feintool Technology Forum 2021”. In his presentation, Marc Schneeberger, Head of Global Services at Feintool, explained how FEINmonitoring and Smart Maintenance turn system availability and the maintenance of a press into a success story.

A mess@ge from your press

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” The quote from management icon Peter F. Drucker is more relevant than ever in the age of Industry 4.0. State-of-the-art plants like Feintool’s FB one generate a large amount of data. But how do I evaluate the data in a meaningful, i.e. profitable way? How does big data become smart data? This is exactly where FEINmonitoring comes in. FEINmonitoring is an intelligent analysis and maintenance tool that continuously monitors the technical condition of a fineblanking press and analyzes the data obtained.

The sensors installed in the press permanently measure various values and provide current condition indicators and show faulty behavior – or behavior that could soon cause problems: Power consumption, oil temperature, particles or pressure, etc. Via a secure cellular connection, the data flows to the FEINmonitoring database, where it is analyzed and visualized. If a value moves into a critical range, the press sends a message to those who need to know. They then take the necessary measures, resulting in a minimum downtime.

So with FEINmonitoring, their press tells them what it needs for maximum output:

“I’ll run out of tape in 10 minutes, please get a refill ready.”

“I’m at a standstill due to a tool fault, please fix it.”

“My oil temperature is in critical condition.”

“The 200-hour maintenance is due, please clean the installation space of the tool.”

Intervene before a standstill occurs

Because experience shows that it is precisely these supposedly small problems that – in total – lead to the overall result being unsatisfactory. Here a feed error, there an infeed overload; the short stops of a press have the greatest impact on the bottom line of the key parameters in modern production. FEINmonitoring detects these problems at an early stage and makes them visible even before the press has to come to a standstill – on your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Acting instead of reacting

Speaking of smart: To ensure the best possible system availability, Feintool provides them with an individually configurable Smart Maintenance solution. In combination with FEINmonitoring, the system is able not only to indicate (potentially) faulty behavior, but thanks to state-of-the-art sensor technology it can make a reliable statement about how long the press will continue to operate without faults. Problems with wear parts are detected early on, with the great advantage that replacement can be carried out proactively. In other words, you can organize preventive maintenance of the press and coordinate it with everyone involved. Downtime is deliberately planned, delivery times for spare parts are eliminated, and production as a whole is less disrupted. And equally not completely irrelevant: There are no nasty surprises on the cost side either.

Detailed information about FEINmonitoring

FEINmonitoring and Smart Maintenance are innovative key components that ensure high output over many years, making fineblanking highly profitable.

Feintool is an internationally active market leader in the technologies of fineblanking, forming and sheet metal punching for the processing of steel sheets.

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