Zwei Mitarbeitende von Feintool die in die Kamera lächlen

About us.

Rooted in tradition. Positioned for the future. A family company at heart, we are shaping the technological world of tomorrow with over 3,500 dedicated employees at 17 locations worldwide. At Feintool, everyone matters and makes a valuable contribution. Together, we make that subtle difference in the fine details that take our customers further.

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Make a difference.

Join Feintool.

We embrace and foster diversity in the workforce. At Feintool, people from all over the world work together like a family. All generations, genders, faiths, and lifestyles are welcome. It is these diverse perspectives that give us new ideas and move us closer to our commitment to expanding horizons with Feintool.

Become a part of our team and contribute to a work environment characterised by trust and openness. At Feintool, you can be who you are and show what you can do.

Mitarbeiter arbeitet an einem Gerät sehr detailiert und fokussiert
Zwei Mitarbeitende von Feintool die in die Kamera lächlen

Become part of our family.

Unleash your potential and shape your career. At each of our 17 locations, we foster a  family-like environment which pushes every one of us to achieve excellence. Every day.

Our work together is built on trust and transparency. We value diversity, curiosity, and open-mindedness. We welcome your ideas with open ears and your aspirations wholeheartedly.

Join us in actively shaping
the technological world of

Hard to believe, but true:  Feintool started in 1959 with spare parts for mechanical typewriters. Today, we produce the finest bipolar plates for fuel cells in a fully automated process. By continuously pushing limits and pursuing continuous optimisation, we break conventional boundaries and broaden our horizons,  laying the foundation for the productive working environment of the future.

We meet the evolving demands of our target markets with proactive foresight. Only by challenging the status quo can we significantly shape the future. Join us and drive our internal change process forward. Make your contribution and take on responsibility for bringing innovative ideas to life.

Seize this opportunity.
Make an impact.
With Feintool.

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Globally active. Open to innovation.

From Switzerland to the world.

It all began where Feintool still calls home, at the heart of Europe, in Switzerland, where joie de vivre and diversity thrive — as do the values of precision, reliability, and community. These core principles resonate at each of our 17 locations, uniting our 3,500 employees.

The Feintool world is open to you. Apply now!

Feintool Angestellter steht in der Produktionshalle

Aim high with Feintool!

The world of technology
is open to you.

We embody inclusion, value diversity, and embrace equal opportunity. Fostering a unique mindset, we immerse ourselves in new technologies, experiment with new business models, expand our technology network, while growing into an ecosystem that is characterised by team spirit, innovation and constant development.

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Angestellter hat spaß bei der arbeit und schraubt etwas zu
Mitarbeiter guckt in die Kamera und lächelt dabei

Feintool as an employer.

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Get in touch with us. We will be glad to help you.

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