Feinforming paves the way for a new efficiency class for the production of fuel cell drives in a high-performance and economical manner.

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Projection through precision.

With our patented Feinforming technology, we actively shape the future of fuel cells and electrolyzers. Through the precise processing of the thinnest material thicknesses, we achieve savings potential in terms of weight and volume. As a result, we ensure an even more compact arrangement of the fuel cells in the stack, while simultaneously increasing the power density in the cell stack. With our lightweight structures, we pave the way for powerful and compact vehicle drives.

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The formula of the future.

As a technology leader in fineblanking and forming, we are actively shaping the technology world of tomorrow. We have innovated a holistic process with Feinforming that exceeds other production processes in terms of precision, tolerance minimization, and component optimization. With Feinforming, we bring the production of key components for polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cells and solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) to a new level. Additionally, we improve the production of interconnects and solid oxide electrolyzers (SOEC), setting new standards for sustainable energy solutions.

Heart of the fuel cell.

In vehicles using PEM technology, hydrogen (H2) is converted into water with oxygen (O2) from the air. Bipolar plates play a central role in this process. They serve structurally as carrier plates and form the two poles of the fuel cell. In addition to being lightweight, the high precision of the components is crucial. This is ensured by the simultaneous production of all internal and external geometries relevant for stack construction,  as well as the flow environment.

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Precise implementation.

Feinforming enables the metal processing of extremely thin material thicknesses with minimal tolerances. Thanks to our own high-precision toolmaking design and manufacturing know-how, we can meet and control the most demanding precision requirements. The perfect interaction between the press (Feintool FB one) and tools guarantees maximum performance. By optimizing the use of materials, design implementation, and production, we unlock new potential for cost reduction and increasing the efficiency of fuel cell technology.

Precision &


Continuous homogeneity of the channel height without fluctuations in the resulting material thickness and precisely placed reference points for laser welding.


Cutting of geometries integrated in the tool for maximum precision and a specific transfer system ensure few production steps.

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