We are Feintool.

As the global leader in fineblanking, forming, and electrolamination stamping, we are shaping tomorrow’s technology today at 17 locations worldwide. We bring innovation, team spirit, and extensive experience to everything we do.


As a gamechanger in the automotive industry, we deliver best-practice solutions that impress with their excellent cost-effectiveness and performance. You too can rely on our unparalleled expertise and take your parts production to a new level.


Our expertise in electrolamination stamping opens up countless new opportunities in part design for industrial applications. With the production of high-performance and robust electrical sheet components, we support numerous renowned customers in the construction and development of electric motors of different sizes.

Renewable energies.

The use of renewable energy is becoming increasingly relevant due to its enormous ecological benefits. As a future-oriented company, we manufacture complex fineblanked parts to ensure the reliable supply of electronic components, energy, or data – and thus support the development towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

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Manufacturing process
Simulation and Prototyping
Quality management
Serienteilfertigung Fertigungsverfahren

Diverse competencies

We deliver cost-effective and ready-to-install components. Fineblanking, electrolamination stamping, and forming are our core competencies. Based on the degree of forming, properties, and volumes of the components to be produced, we can decide between the production processes of cold forming, cold rolling, axial rolling, and flow pressing.

In addition to these key processes, we also master heat treatment processes such as gas nitriding, induction hardening or nitrocarburizing, profile and double disk grinding, machining operations, and laser welding.

Serienteilfertigung Simulation Prototyping

Methodical testing

Our simulation-based feasibility studies lead to a faster and more efficient design of parts that are suitable for fineblanking and forming, as well as optimised for material usage – a crucial prerequisite for low part costs. Our specialists simulate your ideas and improve them until we achieve the optimum results for both tools and parts. By creating prototypes of parts in the early phases of project development, we identify potential weaknesses through methodical checks under real-world conditions. Our prototyping process perfects the design and functionality of the parts in a time and cost-effective manner, creating ideal conditions for a rapid transition to high-volume production.


The perfect interaction

A cost-effective production process requires the interaction of component design, tool development and manufacturing concept. Feintool creates the solutions, from tool design through to risk analysis and a layout for the entire manufacturing process. This integrated approach creates highly efficient production concepts.

Multi-stage tools

We design and manufacture over a hundred multi-stage tools every year.  They cut, form and deburr in a single process enabling the production of sophisticated components in a single process. Production becomes more cost-effective as the number of follow-up operations decreases. One process enables the tool to coin burrs utilizing an integrated function. That means that the parts are fineblanked and deburred in the same tool.


High quality standards

We have established a quality management system that starts in the development and bid phase, and that provides intensive project support through to the start of production. Individual operations are systematically monitored and documented during series production. Standardized improvement programs secure and optimize production. All the Feintool plants comply with quality standards ISO 9001, ISO TS 16949 and ISO 14001. In some cases, energy management in accordance with ISO 50001 has already been introduced and implemented.

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The Feintool Group.

About us.

As an innovator in fineblanking, forming, and electrolamination stamping, we are shaping the technological world of tomorrow with an inimitable spirit of innovation at 17 locations worldwide – from high-performance fineblanking systems, tools, and manufacturing processes to the optimization of entire process chains, we are leading the way in transforming the future of technology today.

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