As a driver of innovation in the areas of automotive, manufacturing, and renewable energies, we are continuously pushing technological boundaries to create new solutions for steel sheet processing. We develop solutions that conserve resources. In our sustainability management, we have set clear goals for the entire group, and by doing so, we are actively contributing to a carbon-neutral economy.

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Increase efficiency for more sustainability.

Technologically one
step ahead.

We are continuously improving our components to enhance efficiency and conserve resources.  We see ourselves as a game changer in our industry, striving for long-term market success through top performance, all without compromising the well-being of future generations.


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Good Governance.

Feintool enhances governance.

The responsible handling of raw materials and other natural resources has long been an integral part of Feintool’s operational efficiency.   In recent years, the technology group has also integrated additional sustainability aspects into its management and has been reporting on its performance in a standardized format since 2019. The responsibility for this lies with the Board of Directors, who receive and approve the annual sustainability report from the management. In light of various activities, including the expansion of risk management in 2022, Feintool is undergoing an external ESG risk rating during the current fiscal year.

Data Security.

The protection of customer data and information security are of high priority for Feintool. There have been no losses of customer data and the company has received no complaints in this area. Feintool completed a TISAX audit in 2022 and expects certification according to this international standard for secure data exchange in the automotive industry in 2023. TISAX is regarded as a valuable quality seal.


Compliance with legal regulations and internal policies is a fundamental principle for Feintool. The company has long defined appropriate responsibilities and has established complaint mechanisms through independent bodies, as well as sanction mechanisms. To meet its commitment to value-oriented actions, Feintool has also completely revised its code of conduct.

Code of Conduct.

Since the end of 2022, a significantly expanded code of conduct has been introduced throughout the company, accompanied by employee training programs. The ethical standards outlined in this comprehensive code are fundamental to the corporate culture at Feintool. Additionally, In 2022, Feintool prepared a code of conduct for suppliers and a statement of principles on human rights. The company’s regulations also encompass the responsibility for ensuring customer safety, protecting natural resources, and preventing negative impacts of products on customers. In 2022, no violations of the code of conduct, cases of corruption, or incidents of negative product impacts on customers were reported.

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Environmental responsibility.

In 2022, Feintool’s total energy consumption amounted to approximately 159,000 megawatt-hours (MWh). Despite the strong revenue growth of the Feintool Group, energy consumption was reduced by three percent compared to the previous year. Electricity accounted for over 72 percent of the total energy consumption, followed by fuels and district heating.

Reducing electricity consumption while increasing the share of renewable energy sources in the energy mix remains a central lever for the sustainable development of the company. Feintool continuously implements measures aimed at increasing energy efficiency and thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The procurement of green energy also makes a significant contribution to these efforts.


An attractive employer.

The interest of young people in doing an apprenticeship at Feintool is not without reason: By offering comprehensive information before the apprenticeship begins and excellent support during the apprenticeship,  the company has earned a strong reputation. Feintool Systems Parts in Jena maintains school partnerships, participates in educational fairs, and hosts events like  “College on Tour” and work placements so that individuals can learn about the technology group before making a career decision.

In addition, Feintool supports university dropouts, academically weaker young people, as well as refugees, with individual assistance to start their careers. The Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) East Thuringia recognized this as “worthy of an award” and honored Feintool Systems Parts GmbH as a top trainer in 2019.

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Talent development.


Integrity and respect.

We see ourselves as a committed part of the solution to achieving global climate goals. quote

Torsten Greiner, CEO.

Thorsten Greiner

What we stand for.

Sustainable Corporate Governance.

We have anchored the principle of sustainable corporate management in our  Group-wide “Strategy 2030” and defined clear targets for the areas of environment, employees, innovation, and governance.

Each subsidiary company has its own roadmap in line with these goals. Because we see ourselves as a committed part of the solution to achieving global climate goals, we assume responsibility for people and the environment.

In concrete terms, this means:
  • achieving profitable growth that creates sustainable added value on the way to a carbon-neutral economy
  • ensuring the safety and sustainability of our products and production processes
  • assessing the impact of our business activities on society and the ecosystem
  • addressing working conditions within our supply chains
  • ensuring fair treatment of our customers, suppliers, and research partners
  • fostering a culture of respect and collaboration within the Feintool Group.
Fahrzeug was mit E-Stecker geladen wird

Since 2019, we have been publishing an annual report based on the guidelines provided by the  Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) of the European Union. Feintool’s diverse ESG (Environmental Social and Governance) activities also contribute to the achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our focus is on four key areas: clean energy, decent work, innovation, and sustainable consumption.

Our commitment to sustainability management was confirmed by Morningstaranalytics in their 2023 ESG-Rating. We received the second-highest rating in five categories.

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Our business model.
Our ESG-Goals.
Fair business partnerships.
Business Model

Precision Technology: Power for all drives.

Feintool includes the process of fineblanking and employs key techniques such as non-cutting forming and electrical sheet punching to develop and produce high-precision sheet metal technology for the mobility of tomorrow and other sophisticated industrial applications. The group draws upon various resources (“inputs”) and, in turn, creates significant added value for its stakeholders through its knowledge, expertise, and products.

ESG Ziele

Sustainability goals: Overview of all progress

  • Environmental Department:
    The climate goal to reduce CO2 emissions by 50% refers to the greenhouse gases generated by Feintool’s own operations (Scope 1 and 2). In the current fiscal year 2023, Feintool, in cooperation with a customer, is also assessing emissions generated within the supply chain.
  • Employee Department:
    By 2028, all 19 Feintool locations aim to have their existing occupational health and safety management systems certified according to the international standard ISO 45001. Currently, the Tokod site in Hungary already has this ISO certification.
  • Innovation Department:
    Feintool has made significant progress in this area through its attractive product portfolio. As of the end of 2022, the revenue share from climate-friendly applications was already above 50%.
  • Governance Department:
    In 2023, there is a plan to enhance the central management of sustainable topics within the company.
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Values, Responsibility, and Expertise.

The strong collaboration with customers, suppliers, and scientists at Feintool is built on values such as reliability, fairness, mutual trust, and accountability. Additionally, it relies on professional qualities like decades of experience and forward-thinking expertise. All employees are obligated to adhere to the rules of fair competition within the framework of legal requirements. Suppliers are selected based solely on objective criteria.
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The highest performance while saving resources.

Sustainability starts at your own workplace. To drive our corporate transformation forward, we have committed ourselves to sustainable operational management and are introducing corresponding projects at all sites worldwide. In China, for example, revolutionary measures have been introduced to recycle waste oil and process water from the production process, while in the USA we use rainwater for production – just a few of our many sustainability projects.

Sustainability Reports.

Sustainability Report 2022

The sustainability report for 2022 is available for download.

Sustainability Report 2021

The sustainability report for 2021 is available for download.

Sustainability Report 2020

The sustainability report for 2020 is available for download.

Sustainability Report 2019

The sustainability report for 2019 is available for download.

Business Units.

Work @

A career with Feintool means a lifetime of unfolding your potential. With our global presence, our employees have abundant opportunities to grow and thrive across seven countries on three continents. Transform your job into a true calling. Unleash your passion.


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