Electrolamination stamping.

We design and manufacture rotors and stators for highly efficient electric motors and generators.  With our innovative packaging technologies, we offer you a unique portfolio of products and services across the entire value chain.

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Electrolamination stamping.

Get started now with the efficiency class of the future.

We stay at the forefront of various industries and understand their unique technology and product needs.  In addition to customer-specific solutions, we offer standard IEC cuts and sizes, especially for the industrial sector. These can be ordered directly through our online catalog. The Feintool-owned KSPM product family is ideally suited for the efficiency class IE4.

Elektroblechstanzen Rund

Determine the standards of tomorrow.

As a leading manufacturer of electrolaminations, we set performance standards in the new era of mobility. Our patented glulock adhesive packaging process guarantees maximum efficiency and performance and, if desired, motor tightness. In our in-house tool shop, we manufacture stamping tools, die casting molds and devices for the best product quality.

Our technologies

We are your innovative technology and system partner with forward-looking and cost-effective production processes.
To achieve this, we use all common stacking processes.

  • 01 Laser cutting
  • 02 Stamping
  • 03 Stacking technologies
  • 04 glulock®
  • 05 Further processing technologies
Laser cutting
Stacking technologies
glulock® + glulock® HT
glulock® MD
Further processing technologies
Feintool Laserschneiden

Laser cutting

As the output of components decreases and their variety increases, laser-based production technologies are ideal for producing prototypes or small to medium quantities quickly and cost-effectively in a tool-free process.

The solid-state and dual-head laser systems machine electrolaminations with thicknesses from 0.1 to 1.0 mm with an accuracy of a few hundredths of a millimeter.

Feintool Stanzen


At Feintool, we stamp sheets of any shape and size for large quantities through follow-die cutting, as well as producing in single notches, and stack almost any desired length of iron.

The high-speed blanking presses have a stamping force of 25 to 1 000 tons, and with roughly 10 000 differently shaped individual notching punches, even unique customer requirements can be produced cost-effectively and flexibly.

Feintool Stanzenpakettieren

Stacking technologies

Motor efficiency and performance not only play a critical role in the field of e-mobility but also in any type of electric motor application. These include, in particular, such factors as energy efficiency, stability of the stacks, as well as their seal with respect to the cooling liquid. Choosing the ideal stacking process for each application is critical.

  • In-tool lamination core stacking
  • Interlocking
  • Riveting
  • Baking with bonding varnish
  • Annealing
  • TIG and MIG welding
  • Laser welding
  • Gluing (glulock®, glulock HT, glulock MD)

The innovative adhesive stacking process

Using our patented glulock® technology, rotor and stator laminations can already be joined during the punching operation by means of adhesive dots. The production-proven adhesive stacking method is extremely precise and eliminates the need for electrically disturbing fastening elements, thus reducing eddy currents and minimizing magnetic resistance. The result is a much more efficient stack with fewer electrical losses, which has a particularly positive effect in high-frequency ranges.

Additional step that increases the strength

glulock MD (Multiple Dots) facilitates an additional step that increases the strength within the pack structure.
With glulock MD technology, the adhesive can also be applied on the web or the cover. Thanks to an optimised control system, the glue is applied
more precisely and consistently, so bonding is almost completely flat.

Feintool Weiterverarbeitungsprozesse

Further processing technologies


We manufacture rotors for asynchronous motors in pure aluminum, aluminum alloy, and copper die-casting.


In addition to the stacking processes of in-tool lamination core stacking and gluing using glulock®, Feintool also offers state-of-the-art solutions for baking sheet metal stacks. Our portfolio includes hot-air systems, systems using heated pressure pads, and inductive processes. We use all the common types of bonding varnish in various grades and coatings available on the market.

Metal and plastic joining

Injection-molded slot insulators made of plastic are a worthwhile alternative to conventional paper insulators for electric motor components. By means of stamping and injection molding in perfectly coordinated processes, we produce windable components of consistently high quality.

Holistic process solutions.

We choose the ideal production method for every customer need. Our service portfolio ranges from technical consultation to the manufacture of rotors and stators as a system supplier.

Nahaufnahme von einer Oberfläche

Technology leader.

Proven processes and the constant desire for self-optimization have been our key to success for more than 80 years. Thanks to our many years of expertise, we can supply you with perfectly tailored electric motor or generator cores for any application at favorable terms.


Space & Pace.

As the world market leader, we give you our guarantee on incomparably high-performance stamped parts made of electrical steel. Our vertical range of manufacturing offers multifunctional and economic advantages.


Our expertise is changing the rules of the game and helping to shape the future of electromobility. Our multifunctional electrical sheet metal parts are the future, and YOU can be part of it.

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