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FEINmonitoring is an intelligent analysis and maintenance tool that continually monitors the technical condition of your fineblanking presses and analyses the data obtained. FEINmonitoring enables you to detect problems early on. Combined with the Smart Maintenance concept, it facilitates needs-based maintenance. Take the next step into Industry 4.0 and optimize your machine's capabilities!

Industry 4.0 for your success

Clever production with FEINmonitoring

Sensors built into the fineblanking presses continuously measure different values – for example power consumption, particles in the oil, temperature or pressure at various points. The data flows via a secure mobile radio connection to the FEINmonitoring database, where it is analyzed. As soon as the measured values are found to be in a critical area, you and your team will automatically receive a notification. You are immediately kept up to date about long press downtimes, technical faults or forthcoming maintenance tasks – and never again will you miss an important event.

FEINmonitoring also supports the optimal productivity of your press. The data gathered permits an accurate overview of its operating condition. One look at your PC, tablet or smartphone will tell you about any interruptions and the fault notifications associated with them. With the help of informative analysis reports, trends can be detected and systematic production problems rectified. The analysis reports also form a basis for boosting productivity. Where can you improve further?

FEINmonitoring gives you answers:

  • Production potential is shown clearly and detailed
  • Causes of production interruptions can be easily targeted
  • Specific prevention measures maintain the availability and operation of the press over the long term

Measuring, Evaluating, Optimizing

How FEINmonitoring works

  • Datenübertragung:
    Die Daten Ihrer Presse sind nicht mehr nur am Bedienpult zugänglich, sondern per E-Mail oder über die FEINmonitoring- Data-Base auch dem Instandhaltungsteam, der Produktionsleitung usw. Sie erhalten die für Sie wichtigen Informationen über das Internet weltweit und können Einfluss nehmen, egal wo Sie sind.
  • Datenspeicherung:
    Sie haben permanent Zugriff auf die Historie Ihrer Presse für eine schnellere Störungsbehebung oder Auskunftsfähigkeit gegenüber Ihren Kunden.
  • Proaktive Unterstützung von Feintool:
    Sie erhalten regelmässig Berichte mit Analysen zu Trends und systematischen Produktivitätsproblemen inklusive Handlungsempfehlungen.
  • Bessere Reaktions- und Handlungsfähigkeit durch Informationsversorgung:
    Automatisierte Benachrichtigungen ermöglichen schnellere und gezieltere Eingriffe. Sie können sich online ein genaues Bild verschaffen und mit Ihrem Team fundiert zusammenarbeiten – egal wo Sie gerade sind oder wo Ihre Presse steht.

Progress that takes you further

FEINmonitoring makes the difference

Previously Benefits

Oil, engine, drive and switchboard temperature

  • A temperature rise beyond the maximum is only displayed when the limit value is reached
  • Press stops, no reaction time
  • Downtime
  • Notification to maintenance via e-mail or SMS before limit value is reached
  • Less downtime thanks to simple and affordable prevention measures
Impurities in the hydraulic oil
  • No continuous measurement, often only every six months
  • Valves become dirty and no longer function perfectly, downtime
  • Moisture reduces the carrying capacity of the oil, wear and tear on the pumps increases considerably
  • Ongoing monitoring of the oil particles
  • Alarm e-mail or notification
  • Reduced risk
Hydraulic oil filter
  • Only displayed when the filter is full
  • Press stops after 8 hours
  • Filter change has to be done spontaneously
  • Downtime
  • Capacity is monitored continuously
  • Existing condition and trend can be displayed and anticipated
  • Filter change can be planned
Hydraulic batteries
  • No information on the condition of the battery
  • Delay in charging time leads to errors
  • Downtime
  • Charging time and cycle can be measured continuously
  • Existing condition and trend can be displayed and anticipated
Press maintenance
  • Time based, not use based (strokes per hour)
  • Press maintenance is often not carried out
  • Increased wear and tear on the press downtime and loss of value
  • Simple intervention on the operating hours- and stroke- counter
  • E-Mail notification where defined values are exceeded
  • Press value and availability upheld thanks to systematic maintenance
Energy costs
  • High energy costs resulting from poor visibility of energy consumption
  • Transparency in energy costs
  • Graphic with energy per press stroke for each tool
  • Targeted energy optimization
Error notifications
  • Reasons for downtimes are established manually by the operator
  • There is often no exact picture of the fault or the error notifications that go with it
  • The stop in production can clearly be attributed to the corresponding error notification, which makes it easy to analyze the causes of press faults
  • Targeted fault rectification

The right Combination for greater Profit

FEINmonitoring and Smart Maintenance

Smart Maintenance is an individually configurable maintenance service that offers the possibility of covering reactive malfunctions through a flatrate fee. FEINmonitoring and Smart Maintenance are innovative key components that ensure a high output over the years and thus make fineblanking highly profitable. The two services can be combined: FEINmonitoring identifies the critical points, and it is precisely these that Smart Maintenance draws on.

One example: FEINmonitoring makes it possible to promptly detect problems with parts subject to wear. Thus Feintool service engineers can independently carry out the preventive replacement of these parts.

Your benefits: Maintenance always takes place at an optimal point in time, and you have a firm handle on maintenance costs at all times.

The right combination for greater profit

Feintool Services

  • Feintool continually monitors the technical condition of your fineblanking press
  • Feintool informs you as soon as the condition reveals a need for maintenance or repair
  • Feintool takes over the needs-based maintenance and repair of your machine automatically
  • All cost are covered through a flatrate fee

Your benefits

  • You ensure the utmost machine availabilitys
  • You can avoid costly downtimes and resulting damages
  • You enjoy certainty when it comes to planning for your maintenance budget
  • You are insured against substantial individual losses

Our offer

Would you too like to benefit from FEINmonitoring?

Then we can offer you these possibilities:

  • All new HFA and XFT type presses are equipped with the FEINmonitoring hardware.
  • Existing HFA and XFT presses (with Beckhoff controls) can be fitted with the hardware quickly and easily.

We would be delighted to put together an offer for you for the use of FEINmonitoring. Please get in touch with us: feinmonitoring@feintool.com