Cost-effective and stable components of the highest quality thanks to our flexible and advanced forming process.

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By flexibly combining mechanical or hydraulic cutting and punching, along with cold-forming processes, we can produce better components at lower cost, faster. And we’ll help you to optimally use these advantages in your designs and processes.


Cold forming allows complex part geometries to be precisely implemented without the need for downstream mechanical processes.

Aluminium, steel, high-strength steel

Our modern equipment park allows for chipless forming of aluminum, steel, or high-strength steel with minimized machining steps.

Cold hardening

Ensures excellent functionality without the need for downstream heat treatment. With each stroke, a ready-to-install part is created.

Consistent quality by the millions

We produce about 22 million high-precision parts annually at our forming sites in Germany, the USA, and China.

Next-level forming for the automotive industry

Forming components such as planetary and disc carriers are indispensable for modern dual-clutch, automatic and hybrid transmissions, for continuously variable automatic transmissions and differentials.

The automotive industry pursues ambitious goals: constructing vehicles that are lighter, more fuel-efficient, more stable, and more economically viable – the ideal vehicle of tomorrow.

The potential lies in reducing vehicle weight and in optimizing the powertrain. With our processes for chipless forming, lightweight multifunctional parts can be economically manufactured in large-scale industrial production. They support weight reduction as well as a more compact design while enhancing precision. As a result, significant optimizations can be achieved in terms of fuel consumption, reliability, and shifting comfort.

More about automotive

Prismatic battery cell cases from aluminium

Feintool is actively shaping the electric transformation in the automotive sector and is leveraging its decades of experience in the production of ultra-precision parts for the automotive industry. This includes battery cell cases from aluminium in large series using impact extrusion technology.

In addition to battery cell cases, Feintool also manufactures battery cell case covers with high accuracy as individual parts implementing fineblanking technology. And, thanks to our many years of experience, we are also able to manufacture round battery cell cases from coated sheet steel using the deep drawing method.

Zwei Mitarbeitende von Feintool die in die Kamera lächlen

We help you achieve your design goals

As an innovator in the production of highly complex components and systems, we maximize performance and embrace innovation: from high-performance blanking and forming systems including tools and manufacturing processes to the optimisation of entire process chains.

Benefit from our expertise to bring your project to the next level in terms of quality, cost-effectiveness and innovation for a long-term competitive advantage.

We’re here to guide you towards the perfect fit for your goals and parameters, drawing on our long experience working with customers from all over the world in various industries.

Julia Prinz

Office Manager

Let's talk about your project.

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