Altes historisches Feintool Gebäude von 1959


Starting with a single site in Switzerland, we have grown into an innovator of fineblanking technology with numerous sites worldwide. But not only that: We actively shape next-generation technologies such as electrolamination stamping, utilising our expertise in production.

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Inimitable spirit.

From a family-owned
company to world market leader.

His experiences as a toolmaker at the large Italian company, Olivetti, had a profound impact on the life of Feintool founder Fritz Bösch. As early as the 1950s, he foresaw the demand for highly precise industrial fineblanked parts. With his feel for new requirements and future markets coupled with a pioneering spirit, the entrepreneur turned the family business into a global market leader – the beginning of a mindset characterized by constructiveness, individuality, and productivity, where utmost precision merges with a human touch.

The world of technology as a showcase for innovation.

As a family-owned company with a constant eye on the future,  we innovate in fineblanking, forming, and electrolamination stamping at over 17 sites worldwide,  shaping tomorrow’s technological world today. Even now, our employees’ broad diversity makes the subtle difference.

Proven quality.

Thanks to our strong presence in Europe, North America, and Asia, along with our incomparably high quality standards, we have consistently been able to stand our ground again and again even during challenging times. With continual development serving as our motivation, and success forming the foundation of our daily actions, we can now look back on our position as a market leader. This was achieved through the integration of new technologies like non-cutting forming in 2021 and expansion into markets such as China, ensuring future security.  At Feintool we know that only those prepared to continually question the status quo can decisively influence the future.

Standorte Weltkarte
Abgezäunte Stampfermaschine

Worldwide manufacturing capabilities.

We recognised the rapidly changing requirements of the sector at an early stage. Since 2018, laser cutting and electrolamination stamping have been part of the portfolio as our third mainstay. Today, our presence on three continents enables multi-country manufacturing capabilities with the same uncompromising processes and quality standards. In 2022, the acquisition of Kienle + Spiess GmbH significantly expanded our technology portfolio with electrolamination stamping,  thereby positioning us  to meet the growing needs of renewable energy, electric motor and industrial application markets. We are already thinking about the future.

company history.

Altes historisches Feintool Gebäude von 1959


Hügi & Bösch established in Biberist (CH).

In the very first year of its existence, the company built a fully functional, mechanical fineblanking press, which allowed the three forces to be precisely controlled.  This innovation still makes the difference in stamping today.

Alte Maschine 1960


Company partnership with the press builder Osterwalder in Lyss (CH).

The first successful prototype led to the subsequent move to Lyss, where Hügi & Bösch became Feintool.

Maschine von Feintool 1965


Development of the hydraulic fineblanking press in partnership with SMG/Schuler.

This long-standing partnership continues to this day.

Alle Standorte von 1973


The beginning of international expansion.

Subsidiaries established in England, Feintool UK Ltd, France Feintool Francs S.a.r.l., and Japan, Feintool Japan Co. Ltd.

Altes historisches Feintool Gebäude von 1974


The first company in Germany established.

Today’s Feintool System Parts Ettlingen production plant was established under the name Promera.

Altes historisches Feintool Gebäude


A technology centre in the USA established.

Today, Feintool’s presence in the USA consists of the technology centre in Cincinnati (OH) and production facilities in Cincinnati and Nashville (TN).

Alte Presse von 1977


1000th Finetool fineblanking press.

The 1000th Feintool fineblanking press was delivered to a new customer in Milwaukee (USA). To date, Feintool has sold over 2,500 fineblanking presses worldwide.

Altes historisches Feintool Gebäude von 1978


The production plant in Cincinnati (USA) commissioned.

The technology centre in Cincinnati was followed by the opening of a production plant at the same location.

Altes historisches Feintool Gebäude


Test and demonstration pressroom in Lyss (CH) built.

Today’s Feintool System Parts Lyss production plant was initially launched as the technology centre’s test and demonstration pressroom.

Altes historisches Feintool Gebäude


Technology centre in Japan established.

In order to serve the Asian markets locally, a technology centre was opened in Atsugi (JP).

Angestelle bei der arbeit 1986


Start of the tool and die maker apprenticeship at Feintool Cincinnati (USA).

To this day, Feintool Cincinnati is the only training facility for tool and die makers approved by the State of Ohio.

Zertifikat fĂĽr Feintool 1990


SQS certification according to ISO 9001/EN 29001 quality standards.

The operation in Lyss was the first certified Feintool company. Today, all sites worldwide are certified according to ISO/TS 16949:2009 and ISO 14001:2004.

Altes historisches Promera Gebäude


Promera Jena, a joint venture with Jenoptik AG, Jena (DE) established.

Eleven years later Promera Jena became a 100% subsidiary of Feintool and is now called Feintool System Parts Jena.

Swisstec Logo


Feintool Beijing Office Swisstec established.

The Feintool agency in China has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and Shenzhen.

Feintool Banner 1998


Initial public offering.

Feintool was listed on the Swiss stock exchange.

Altes historisches Feintool Gebäude


Feintool Tennessee, Inc. (USA) established.

With this cutting-edge plant near Nashville, Feintool entered the North American forming market in addition to finecutting.

Altes historisches Feintool Gebäude


Heinrich Schmid AG in Jona (CH) acquired.

Feintool acquired the press construction competence centre, now Feintool Technologie Jona.




Feintool acquired various companies in automation and precision part manufacturing.

3D Modell Maschine von damals


Launch of the HFAplus series.

The new HFAplus series of hydraulic presses were launched. The revised HFA series delivers higher stability, more output and a new control programme.

Feintool Produktionshalle


Opening of the second Japanese production plant in Tokoname.

About 300 kilometres south of the production plant in Atsugi, the plant in Tokoname was opened to serve local customers even quicker.

2010 3D Modell Maschine


Launch of the XFTspeed.

The new servomechanical Feintool fineblanking press was  launched. The XFTspeed series meets the needs of increasing automation, such as shorter cycle times and greater flexibility when changing products. The servo drive also enables better energy efficiency.



New majority shareholder.

Michael Pieper with Artemis Beteiligungen III AG became the new majority shareholder.

Feintool Firmengelände mit Asiatischer dekoration


Strengthening presence in Asia.

The production plant in Atsugi (JP) was expanded and a new production plant in Taicang (CN) commissioned. By developing and manufacturing a press series that meets the needs of the Asian market, Feintool is also expanding its presence further in the Asian press sector.

Umformen von Produktionsteile


Strengthening of forming expertise.

From 2012 to 2014, Feintool strengthened its forming expertise. On the one hand, Feintool acquired the German forming specialist Herzing & Schroth in 2012 with sites in Obertshausen (DE) and Ohrdruf (DE). On the other hand, forming expertise in the USA grew thanks to significant investments in the Nashville site.

Feintool Firmengelände mit Asiatischer dekoration


Opening of the technology centre in Songjiang, Shanghai (CN).

The technology centre now offers a comprehensive service for presses locally for the Chinese market.



Repositioning on the capital market.

Successful increase in capitalisation and share transfer.

Feintool Firmengelände mit Büros


Production capacities in Europe expanded.

Production capacities in Europe were expanded through the acquisition of a fineblanking plant in Oelsnitz (DE). In addition, there was investment in post-processing processes at the Lyss site.

Feintool Firmengelände mit Büros


Feintool acquires a forming plant in Tianjin (CN).

The new site in China produces rotationally symmetrical cold-formed precision components used in the automotive industry for high-volume production of lightweight components for efficient gearboxes. With the acquisition, Feintool was able to offer forming products in all major markets.

Personal von Feintool mit Schaufeln


New site in Most (CZ).

The production plant in Most covers the entire fineblanking process chain, focusing on serial and replacement parts production. This is how Feintool meets customer requirements for global, customer-focused suppliers who competitively manufacture ready-to-install components and assemblies.

Feintool Firmengelände mit Büros


Stanz- und LaserTechnik Jessen GmbH (DE) acquired.

By acquiring the German stamping and laser technology company Jessen GmbH, Feintool expanded its strategic business areas into the electric motor components sector in addition to fineblanking and forming.

Feintool Maschinen Messeausstellung


At EuroBLECH 2018, Feintool presented a world first with the “FB one”.

Fineblanking, redesigned: Feintool’s latest generation of presses “FB one” combines new developments in hydraulic direct drive, constructive design, an intuitive control platform and digital networking.

Kienle Spiess Logo


Feintool acquired the well-established company Kienle+Spiess GmbH.

Through the acquisition, Feintool has broadly positioned itself for the mobility solutions of the future, for industrial applications and renewable energies and has opened access to new markets.

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