Feintool generates double-digit sales growth.

The worldwide automotive market was robust in the third quarter. Although individual manufacturers – unlike in the previous two years – closed for the summer months, Feintool benefited from nominations secured in recent years. These are now having a positive impact on sales.

Increased sales in the third quarter
In the third quarter of 2016, group sales were up 6.1% compared to the previous year (in local currency +4.4%), while sales remained stable compared with the previous quarter. The System Parts segment, which is active in high-volume parts production, increased its sales by 8.4% (in local currency +6.5%) to CHF 121.4 million. This positive result was attributable to new orders and the consistently buoyant automotive market. However, some customers scaled down their production during the holiday months. Growth was mainly driven by the European and Asian locations, while business in the USA reached the previous year’s level. The Fineblanking Technology segment, which covers the investment goods sector, generated sales of CHF 22.4 million, including internal business, and is thus 5.5% below the previous year’s figure.

Overall, the Feintool Group’s sales rose year on year by 11.4% (in local currency +7.9%) to CHF 416.9 million in the first nine months of 2016. 87% of third-party sales were generated in the System Parts segment.

Delayed order intake in the investment goods business
In the first nine months of the year under review, order intake fell by 12.9% to CHF 59.2 million year on year. The customers’ reluctance to invest has increased in recent months, and has noticeably delayed new business.

Order backlog of six months
The order backlog in the investment goods business declined year on year as well as compared to 31 December 2015. However, Feintool still has an order backlog of around six months in the Fineblanking Technology segment.
Expected releases in the high-volume parts business remain encouraging
Feintool’s customers are planning releases amounting to CHF 223.1 million in the coming six months. This figure is 5.6% higher than in the previous year and has hardly changed compared to previous quarters.

Optimistic outlook
Assuming economically and politically stable conditions in the relevant markets for us, Feintool expects a 10% increase in sales to CHF 555 million and an EBIT margin of 7.5%.


The key figures at a glance

in CHF m
in CHF m

in %
in local currency
in %
Sales Feintool Group 416.9 374.2 11.4 7.9
System Parts Segment 363.4 323.9 12.2 8.3
Fineblanking Technology Segment 66.8 63.5 5.2 4.6
Orders received (investment goods) 59.2 68.0 -12.9 -13.4
Order backlog (investment goods) 36.3 40.8 -11.0 -11.4
Expected Releases high-volume parts production 223.1 211.4 5.6 5.0



in CHF m
in CHF m

in %
in local currency
in %
Sales Feintool Group 138.4 130.5 6.1 4.4
System Parts Segment 121.4 112.0 8.4 6.5
Fineblanking Technology Segment 22.4 23.7 -5.5 -5.5
Orders received (Investment goods) 16.2 23.6 -31.3 -31.7


 1) Compared to the same period in the previous year


Media release as pdf

Short Profile of Feintool

In order to achieve optimum results in fineblanking and thus also commercial success, the interplay between various components is crucial.

Speakers Franz Jurt and Patrick von MĂĽllenen, both Key Account Managers at Feintool Technologie AG, offered an insight into the further development of presses, tools and peripheral devices, as well as the optimization of the overall fineblanking process. Participants heard how a fineblanking press can only operate at its full potential when the framework conditions are met and all components are perfectly harmonized. Feintool clarified impressively how new benchmarks can be set and how new possibilities are emerging for lasting commercial success.

The technology conference in Aachen also offered an overview of developments and intelligent innovations for fineblanking technology. These trends include, for example, the Internet of Production, which was presented by Dr. Andreas Feuerhack, head of industrial research and the working group for grinding, forming and technology planning at RWTH Aachen University, and which is also being studied within the fineblanking working group.

Following the specialist presentation, participants were invited to take a tour of the WZL at RWTH Aachen, which gave them a greater insight. A fineblanking system in the machine laboratory was the highlight of this visit.

Franz Jurt reflected on a successful event: “All participants enjoyed themselves and are looking forward to the next gathering and to Feintool’s appearance at Euroblech in October2018.”

Feintool ist ein international agierender MarktfĂĽhrer in den Technologien Feinschneiden, Umformen und Blechstanzen zur Verarbeitung von Stahlblechen.Feintool is an internationally operating market leader in the technologies of fine blanking, forming, and sheet metal punching for processing steel sheets.

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