Full program for full performance.

The PMC delegation and the Feintool training team in front of the XFT 2500 in Jona, from left to right: Rudi Schubert (General Manager, Feintool), John Berg (Assembly Specialist, Feintool), Charles Cook (Tool Engineering, PMC), Ben Barnett (President and COO, PMC), Achim Hornauer (Project Manager, Feintool), Armine Olivas (Toolroom Manager, PMC), Volodymyr Nemesh (Maintenance, PMC), Michael Krech (Customer Trainer, Feintool)

“We want to be at least 30 to 40 percent faster on the new press.” Ben Barnett came to Switzerland with clear ideas. The reason for the visit by PMC’s President and COO was the purchase of a new FEINspeed XFT 2500. He and his team underwent five days of training on the press at the Jona and Lyss sites during the New Year’s week

When asked why PMC decided to purchase an XFT 2500, Ben Barnett says it is essential to keep improving in order to stay ahead in an increasingly demanding market environment. “Not only do we want to take a big step forward in terms of output, but the issue of energy consumption is just as crucial to us. At the end of the day, the press must significantly improve our competitiveness.”

quote-icon "At the end of the day, the press has to significantly improve our competitiveness." Ben Barnett, President and COO, PMC

“It will,” says Rudi Schubert, general manager for Feintool in Cincinnati. He has hosted and accompanied the PMC delegation during a week and has witnessed that by combining PMC and the FEINspeed XFT 2500, the right things come together when they should. “When I look at PMC’s customers and their needs, it’s a perfect match. The new press enables PMC to serve their customers’ needs even faster, more flexibly – and with the highest possible quality of parts.”

quote-icon "It will. PMC and our FEINspeed XFT 2500 are a perfect match." Rudi Schubert, General Manager, Feintool Cincinnati
Besichtigung von Personal der neuen Maschine

Michael Krech and John Berg instruct the PMC delegation on the FEINspeed XFT 2500
High output, low energy consumption and short changeover times: To ensure that PMC can fully show off the advantages of the new XFT, that’s what Feintool’s experts took care of during the week-long training. On the first two days, it was customer trainer Michael Krech who introduced the PMC people to the PT module of the press before Markus Grazioli, Head of Electrical Engineering, and Erik Koch, Deputy Head of Customer Service, went through the comprehensive preliminary acceptance and explained the strip straightening system. After completion of the preliminary acceptance and clarification of all questions and open points, the tour continued from Jona to Lyss, where Plant Manager Ivo Lacic showed the gentlemen from PMC the producing FB one 7000 and Sven Hofstetter, Head of the Die Competence Center, explained the interaction of press and die in detail.

Besprechung der FB ONE

The new world of fineblanking: Markus Schaltegger provides revealing insights into the FB one
“We can look back on a very instructive but also challenging week, during which the specialists from Feintool enabled us to get the maximum out of the press. We are delighted with the addition to our press fleet,” summed up Ben Barnett and his team shortly before heading back to Zurich Airport at the end of a varied week.

More information about the FEINspeed XFT 2500
PMC – Principal Manufacturing Corporation

The Broadview, Illinois-based fineblanking and stamping specialist employs around 350 people. The company was founded in 1939 and today supplies a large number of customers in the automotive, commercial vehicle, nautical and aerospace industries.

Link: Website PMC

Feintool is an internationally active market leader in the technologies of fineblanking, forming and sheet metal stamping for processing steel sheets.

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