Fineblanking Reduces Risks for Automotive Seating Components

The automotive industry faces new challenges with the concurrent pressures of lightweighting seating structures and reducing costs. Coordinating the sourcing of component suppliers to support the transition of automotive seating concepts into workable prototypes is often a monumental task for procurement and purchasing managers.

At Feintool, we offer a proactive approach to managing three common risks related to function critical automotive seating components. We work with our customers to scale new seating innovations at a record pace by mitigating future issues related to outsourcing component manufacturing at the earliest stages of design – even before the first 3D model is started or prototypes are created.

De-Risking Your Seating Supply Chain

There are three significant types of risk when manufacturing any seating component: planning, purchasing and production risks. An issue can be problematic in any one of these categories, and issues that develop in more than one category can have a catastrophic impact on the success of a vehicle program.

During planning, seating engineers have a distinct advantage with Feintool’s simulation tools, which eliminate the guesswork of whether certain aspects of a design need optimization or if it works at all. What’s more, these simulations provide a level of confidence and precision that enables some components to move from design to production without going into prototype or soft tooling, saving time and money.

Another risk is a cost-based approach to purchasing component prototypes, which can hinder companies when it comes time to move to production. For example, building 100 prototypes is very different from producing three million seat reclining mechanisms a year. Refrain from being swayed by two or three promising prototypes – scalability is where many manufacturers struggle mightily with part failures in the late stages. It is critical to take a holistic approach in purchasing function critical components: ensure contingency plans for when parts are not dimensionally correct or if the supplier has delivery issues.


In production, Feintool is often able to offer cost and time savings for customers by using existing universal tools to serve as the basis for new active elements for a given part. Building only the active elements dramatically cuts the time and cost required to get a component into production — without compromising quality.

The volume and variety of seating components that Feintool handles really pay off in shortened ramp-ups using this method. Some component suppliers can deliver excellent prototypes but fall short when it comes to delivering production parts on schedule to the same quality levels. Feintool’s combination of extensive automotive expertise, proven simulation tools and prototyping capabilities ensure maximum output and efficiency when production starts.

Our customers know that true success lies in an ongoing, mutually beneficial partnership. Investing in a collaborative partnership pays off in long-term efficiency, lower cost, smoother production, and better parts in the long run. With the capability to deliver millions of function critical seating components reliably year after year, Feintool is the global leader in seating component manufacturing.

Curious to learn about our seating solutions?

Tier one seating suppliers regularly approach Feintool to consult on designs and materials, knowing that we have extensive experience producing the most complex seating assemblies that meet and exceed all industry standards at the lowest cost possible. With nearly thirty years in the automotive industry, we collaborate with seating engineers and procurement teams to develop cost-effective solutions for function critical components.

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