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From family business to world market leader

It was his experiences as a toolmaker with the Italian industrial group Olivetti that shaped the destiny of Feintool founder Fritz Bösch. As early as the 1950s, he was aware of the need for fineblanked precision components. With his intuition for new applications and markets, coupled with a pioneering spirit, the entrepreneur gradually built up the company from a family business to a world market leader. In the 1970s, Fritz Bösch then opened fineblanking technology centers in the US and Japan.

Today, Feintool is not only the market leader in fineblanking technology but also the only global specialist capable of supplying the entire fineblanking process. From component design to prototyping, engineering and tool design right through to series parts production. The focus is on complex applications for the automobile industry. Feintool’s ability to prevail, even in difficult economic environments, is based on its solid presence in Europe, North America and Asia, and its uncompromising quality standards. Feintool is continuing to build on this strong market position with new technologies and growth in markets such as China.

In 2012, Feintool acquired the German company Herzing + Schroth, leading specialists in chipless transforming technologies, allowing it to also cover European markets. This added know-how complements and strengthens Feintool’s chipless transforming activities in North America and China. Similar to fineblanking, chipless transforming processes are in particular demand in the production of complex engine and gear box components for cars, and further reinforce Feintool’s position as a preferred systems supplier.

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Founding of Hügi & Boesch in Biberist (CH)

In the very first year of its existence, the company built its first mechanical fineblanking press, which allowed the three forces to be precisely controlled. This innovation still makes the difference between conventional blanking and fineblanking to this very day.


Corporate partnership with pressmaker Osterwalder in Lyss (CH)

The first successful prototype led to the subsequent move to Lyss, where Hügi & Bösch became Feintool.


Development of the hydraulic fineblanking press in partnership with SMG/Schuler

This long-standing partnership continues to this day.


Internationalization begins

Founding of subsidiaries in England (Feintool UK Ltd.), France (Feintool Francs S.a.r.l.) and Japan (Feintool Japan Co. Ltd.).


Founding of the first facility in Germany

The current Feintool System Parts Ettlingen production facility was founded under the name Promera.


Founding of a technology center in the US

Today, Feintool is represented in the US with a technology center in Cincinnati (OH) and production facilities in Cincinnati and Nashville (TN).


1000th Feintool fineblanking press

The 1000th Feintool fineblanking press is delivered to a new customer in Milwaukee (USA). Feintool has so far sold over 2,500 fineblanking presses worldwide.


Production facility in Cincinnati (USA) commences operations

A production facility opens in Cincinnati at the same location as the technology center.  


Construction of the test and demonstration press room in Lyss (CH)

The current Feintool System Parts Lyss production facility goes live as a test and demonstration press room in the technology center.


Founding of a technology center in Japan

A technology center opens in Atsugi (JP) to deliver local service to the Asia markets.


Tool and die maker training begins at Feintool Cincinnati (USA)

Feintool Cincinnati remains the only training facility for tool and die makers recognized by the state of Ohio.


SQS certification in accordance with quality standards ISQ 9001/EN 29001

The facility in Lyss is the first certified Feintool facility. Today, all locations worldwide are certified in accordance with ISO/TS 16949:2009 and ISO 14001:2004.


Founding of the joint venture Promera Jena with Jenoptik AG, Jena (GER)

Eleven years later, Promera Jena becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of Feintool and is now called Feintool System Parts Jena.


Founding of the Feintool Beijing Office Swisstec

The Feintool representation in China has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and Shenzhen.


Initial public offering

Feintool lists on the Swiss stock exchange.


Founding of Feintool Tennessee, Inc. (USA)

This cutting-edge facility near Nashville means that Feintool fineblanking as well as forming are now both established in the North American market.


Acquisition of Heinrich Schmid AG in Jona (CH)

The current press production component center is acquired by Feintool and becomes Feintool Technologie Jona.



Feintool acquires various companies working in the automation and production of precision parts.


HFAplus series arrives on the market

The new hydraulic presses in the HFAplus series are launched on the market. This update on the HFA series provides greater stability, higher output and a new control concept.


Second Japanese production facility opens in Tokoname

The Tokoname plant opens about 300 kilometers south of the production facility in Atsugi to provide even faster service for local customers.


Focusing strategy

Feintool gradually splits from non-core-competence companies. The company has since consistently focused on its extensive expertise in fineblanking and forming.


XFTspeed arrives on the market

The new servomechanical Feintool fineblanking press is launched on the market. The XFTspeed series satisfies requirements for increasing automation, such as shorter cycle times and higher flexibility when changing products. The servo drive also enables better energy efficiency.


New majority shareholder

Artemis Beteiligungen III AG, owned by Michael Pieper, becomes the new majority shareholder.


Strengthening our presence in Asia

The production facility in Atsugi (JP) expands and production commences at the facility in Taicang (CN). Feintool also continues to build its press presence in Asia by developing and constructing a press series tailored to the needs of the Asia market.


Strengthening our forming expertise

Feintool reinforces its forming expertise from 2012 to 2014. In 2012, Feintool acquires German forming specialist Herzing & Schroth with locations in Obertshausen (DE) and Ohrdruf (DE). The company also expands its forming expertise in the US with significant investments in the Nashville location.


Technology center opens in Songjiang, Shanghai (CN)

The technology center now provides a complete local service in presses directly to the Chinese market.


Repositioning on the capital market

Successful capital increase and share reallocation.


Expansion of production capacities in Europe

Production capacities in Europe are expanded through the acquisition of a fineblanking facility in Oelsnitz (DE). The Lyss location also benefits from investment in finishing processes.


Feintool takes over a forming plant in Tianjin (CN)

At the new site rotationally symmetrical cold-formed precision components are produced. These are used in the automobile industry for the high-volume manufacture of lightweight components for efficient transmissions. With the takeover Feintool now offers forming products in all of the most important markets.


New plant in Most (CZ)

The plant in Most covers the entire process chain of fineblanking with focus on high-volume production of fineblanked parts and tool spare elements. Feintool thereby corresponds with requirements for customer-driven, global suppliers, who competitively produce ready-to-install parts as well as assemblies.


Takeover of the Stanz- und LaserTechnik Jessen GmbH (DE)

With its acquisition of the German company Stanz- und LaserTechnik Jessen GmbH, Feintool is expanding its strategic areas of business alongside fineblanking and forming by developing the market for electric vehicle components.


With the «FB one» Feintool presents a world first at EuroBLECH 2018

Fineblanking, redefined: Feintool’s latest «FB one» generation of presses combines a new development of the hydraulic direct drive, constructive design, an intuitive control platform, and digital networking.