Precision parts for an extremely versatile system.

The hybrid vehicles produced by Peugeot, Citroën and Opel from 2023 onwards use a new dual-clutch transmission from the Belgian company Punch Powertrain. Numerous parts of the gearbox will be produced by the Feintool plant in Obertshausen, Germany. The series contract will run for about eight years and will be worth several million euros.

The benefits of the new DT2 dual-clutch transmission are obvious: “It combines high torque with a compact design – something that has never been seen before in this form,” said Leonhard Trinkl, responsible key account manager at Feintool. Feintool was awarded the nomination to high-volume produce four parts for this transmission: four different plate carriers that are manufactured in 13 processing steps on multiple-stage presses.

From small cars to commercial vehicles

Feintool will be producing the parts for the Belgian Punch Powertrain. The company has founded a joint venture with the French PSA Group that will manufacture the dual-clutch transmissions in Metz, France. The transmissions will be installed in PSA Group hybrid vehicles beginning in 2023 – this will include cars from Peugeot, Citroën, and Opel, among others. The compact design of the DT2 makes it suitable for small cars, but thanks to its high torque, the transmission can also be used in commercial vehicles. “It’s an extremely versatile system,” said Leonhard Trinkl.

“We will begin production in 2023 with roughly 110 000 units per year. This figure will then increase steadily in the following years,” he said. In addition to production in Europe, a partnership for the Chinese market is planned.

A long-term business relationship

The DT2 dual-clutch transmission will be available in two versions: a 48-volt version for mild hybrid vehicles and a 320-volt version for plug-in hybrid vehicles. Leonhard Trinkl explained: “Clutches have a long lifetime – we’ve already achieved service lives of 15 years for other customers in similar applications. Together with our customers, we intend to ensure – in conjunction with the electrification of vehicles as hybrids – that these components will also remain on the market for a long time to come.”

Feintool Obertshausen has been supplying Punch Powertrain with transmission components for so-called “Continuously Variable Transmission” applications (CVT) for many years. Punch Powertrain’s long-term experience working with Feintool was a decisive factor in receiving the high-volume production order. Leonhard Trinkl described the companies’ relationship as very fruitful. “It was particularly advantageous for both sides that we were already brought on board during product development,” he said. “This allowed us to put forward considerations regarding technical feasibility and potential optimizations at an early stage and ultimately save both companies time and money.”

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