Feintool wins Best Supplier Award from customer Lear.

Feintool plant in Taicang has received the Best Supplier Award from Lear, a leading automotive supplier. The award recognizes the consistently high quality of Feintool’s fineblanked parts over the past ten years as well as its outstanding customer service.

As a renowned supplier to the automotive industry, Lear sets very high quality standards. The Best Supplier Award confirms that Feintool reliably meets these with a high degree of consistency. Xianyong Liu, General Manager of Lear Wuhan, personally presented the award to Tiger Chen, Quality Manager of Feintool Taicang.

“Feintool is an important partner for us. The Best Supplier Award underlines this. The Taicang plant has delivered excellent quality and shown consistently high delivery performance in recent years,” said Xianyong Liu, General Manager of Lear Wuhan.

Feintool Taicang has been supplying Lear Asia with high-quality fineblanked parts for seating mechanisms for almost ten years. The company is a major manufacturer of interior systems for passenger cars and is one of the world’s largest suppliers to the automotive industry.


Special recognition for customer service

Feintool Taicang also proved to be a reliable partner for Lear Wuhan during the Covid 19 pandemic. Under difficult circumstances, the team always ensured punctual deliveries and flawless quality.

Special praise goes to the excellent customer service: “When we need support, Feintool is acting immediately. When we once had a customer complaint about noises in the seat mechanics, the team modified the tools within a very short time and optimized the patterns until the problem was solved,” says Xianyong Liu, General Manager of Lear Wuhan.


From first customer to long-term partner

For Feintool Taicang, the Best Supplier Award has a special meaning: “Lear was our first customer after opening our plant in 2012,” says Xiangjun Bao, General Manager of Feintool Precision System Parts Taicang. “We are proud that we have now been recognized as the best supplier by our long-standing partner. The award confirms our great commitment to quality assurance and customer service.”

In addition to its expertise in fineblanking, Feintool Taicang has competences in e-lamination stamping. In recent years, the plant has consistently focused on e-mobility and supplies China’s up-and-coming car manufacturers.

Feintool is an internationally active market leader in the technologies of fineblanking, forming and sheet metal stamping for processing steel sheets.

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