Contributing to safety.

Two pedal arms, one cover plate, and two console elements – behind the scenes, all these fineblanked precision parts contribute to the safety of passengers in vehicles. For years, Feintool has been advancing developments in this area and recently acquired a long-term order for a well-known supplier of a German automobile manufacturer. Start of production is planned for summer 2021 and the sales volume is around €7 million. 

Every driver has probably had to do an emergency stop at some time or other – hitting the brakes as hard as possible. Regardless of whether this happens in a controlled manner during driver training or because of an actual dangerous situation on the road: at that very moment, your foot exerts up to 100 kilograms of pressure on the pedal. The pedal arm of the foot brake has to be able to withstand this pressure at all times – and it needs to do so over the entire service life of a vehicle.

Fineblanking, bending, deburring 
A supplier of a German car manufacturer is aware of these high quality demands and has opted for Feintool’s expertise in the production of two pedal arms, two console elements, and a cover plate.

The cover plate and in the pedal arms are being produced with existing tools. The latest Feintool expertise is required for the console elements for the rear of the vehicles: “Here we can put our expertise to full use, as the parts are now fineblanked, bent, and deburred in one and the same tool,” says Dirk Ottoberg, Key Account Manager at Feintool.

Economical solution for complex requirements 

The new parts will be produced in the current year. “Until then, we’re going to manufacture the new, complex tool for the fineblanking presses and then produce sample parts and a preproduction batch,” says Ottoberg on the further course of action. The parts will be produced until 2028 and generate sales of around €7 million.

The order is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate to a new customer the advantages of fineblanking compared to other processes and to establish a long-term cooperation, says Dirk Ottoberg: “Our customers appreciate our high flexibility in implementing economical solutions for the complex requirements of the automotive industry.”

Feintool is an internationally active market leader in the technologies of fineblanking, forming and sheet metal punching for the processing of steel sheets.

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