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Key technologies. We’ve mastered them all

Alongside electro motor lamination and laser cutting, we offer you numerous additional technologies from one source. A variety of packaging processes enables us to take your components to completion. We can produce metal and plastic connections under the same roof, so you get well-engineered, ready for winding components. Our holistic view of process chains means you benefit from increased productivity, reliable quality, and shorter development times

High-precision laser cutting

With precision of the cut down to a few hundredths of a millimeter, we produce electro lamination prototypes in thicknesses ranging from 0.10 to 1.00 mm. We can also produce small- and medium-sized series for you in an economical way. What’s more, we manufacture spare and replacement parts, as well as special contours.

Flexible stamping and in-tool lamination core stacks

The stamping of loose sheet metal is the basis for an almost limitless variety of products. In terms of the dimensions of your components, there are virtually no limits. In-tool lamination core stacks with finished parts are likewise among our competences, while in-tool punch rotation makes it possible to incorporate a twist or sheet thickness compensation.

Seamless metal and plastic connections

Injection-molded slot insulators made of plastic are a worthwhile alternative to conventional paper insulators for electric motor components. With this process we manufacture windable components for you. The utmost quality is guaranteed – because stamping and injection molding take place under one roof and are perfectly coordinated with each other.

Fully equipped for welding, baking, and gluing

Our extensive technology portfolio is rounded off by the baking, welding, and gluing of stator and rotor packages.