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Customer hotline, plant modernisation, spare parts service, retrofitting, monitoring and regular upgrades: numerous service technicians with an average of over 10 years of experience guarantee the complete service portfolio for profitable production worldwide.

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Leaders in systems and service.

Feintool service lets you quickly resume operation in the event of a fault. We provide you with a complete service package for profitable production and optimal performance in all areas. Around 1500 active fineblanking presses are currently in operation worldwide, of which 500 are HFA presses.

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Services for your production success.

  • Feintool hotline: Support in the event of faults from our four service centres: Europe, China, Japan, USA (incl. Canada and Mexico)
  • Repair: Numerous service technicians will quickly get your system back into production on site
  • Spare parts: Original, tried and tested spare parts are readily available worldwide
  • Inspection contracts: Our specialists assess the condition of your plants
  • FEINmonitoring: Our Industry 4.0 solution for increased productivity
  • SMARTmaintenance: Maintenance contracts with flexible conditions
  • Plant modernisation: Modernisation/replacement of your existing plants
  • Training and consulting: Training programme and consulting throughout the entire process chain

Regional Service Centers.

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Support in all aspects.

Our four global service centres offer you close support and expertise throughout the entire process chain: from purchase, integration and use to maintenance.

  • 01 Feintool hotline.
  • 02 Repairs.
  • 03 SMARTmaintenance.
  • 04 FEINmonitoring.
  • 05 Maintenance and inspection.
  • 06 Original Feintool spare parts.
  • 07 Plant modernisation.
  • 08 Training and knowledge transfer.
Maintenance and inspection.
Original Feintool spare parts.
Plant modernisation.
Training and knowledge transfer.
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Optimise system availability.

  • Service technicians with an average of 10 years of experience with Feintool presses
  • We are the OEM and nobody knows Feintool presses as well as we do
  • Access to the latest documentation and expertise
  • Inserts can be controlled as required
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Increased productivity with service packages.

  • Service work in accordance with the service catalogue
  • Spare and wear parts as per parts list
  • Preventive as well as reactive work
  • FEINmonitoring for status monitoring
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No room for errors.

  • Constant monitoring of plant parameters
  • Minimisation of press failures and resulting damage
  • Support with the running of your fineblanking press
  • Analysis by specialists in Lyss (CH)
  • We regularly discuss improvement potential with you to maximise output
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Guarantee your production.

  • Prevent unplanned machine failures
  • Inspection and certification of machine safety
  • Action plan for any repairs, retrofits or revisions
  • Long-term preservation of the value of your fineblanking machine
  • Inspection and maintenance contracts
  • Security certificate and optimisation recommendations
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Fault-free production.

  • High availability from stock thanks to professional inventory management.
  • Central warehouse in Europe with thousands of original Feintool spare parts
  • Press failures and resulting damage are minimised thanks to OEM quality
  • Loyality bonus programme (based on your press fleet): revenue in the previous year > discount for the following year
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Turning old into new.

  • Increased availability and process reliability
  • High output
  • Improved operating protection
  • Delivery guarantee for original Feintool spare parts
  • Minimisation of press failures and resulting damage
  • Mechanical and hydraulic overhaul
  • Upgrade of controls
  • Analysis tools retrofitted to optimise process flows
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We'll show you how it works.

  • Training programme throughout the entire process chain
  • Comprehensive transfer of knowledge
  • Modules can be selected according to your needs
  • Qualified Feintool experts and analysis tools to optimise process flows
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Here for you worldwide.

Providing excellent support.

With our worldwide support, we ensure maximum availability while simultaneously ensuring peak performance for your systems. Regular inspections and maintenance ensure crucial production advantages and prevent downtime. Our strengths are our speed, flexibility, and customer focus. Our Feintool hotline lets you contact a service specialist immediately for comprehensive advice in the event of faults.

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Regional Service Centers.

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