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The fineblanking process involves a total of three forces, which distinguish this technology from other punching or cutting processes.

Fineblanking creates smooth, quadrilateral, crack- and burr-free fineblanked surfaces, while the component itself is flat and level thanks to the clamping process. Additional finishing on the contours is generally not required. In industrial series production, this opens up entirely new technical and commercial opportunities. Feintool technology allows extremely complex, ready-for-assembly, multifunctional parts to be produced cost-effectively. Alternative methods exist. But they can only provide results that are “similar to fineblanking”, especially as regards fineblanked surfaces and flatness.


Fineblanking becomes cost-effective as of an annual output of about 30,000 parts. Feintool’s range of all-in fineblanking systems reduce your investment costs per unit. The higher the production volume, the greater the economic benefits of fineblanking compared to other processes.

Fineblanking becomes cost-effective as of an annual output of about 30,000 parts.


Weight reduction

Support cutting-edge gear box developments

Efficient production of high volumes


Dual clutch transmissions, continuously variable transmissions or hybrid drives and ever more gear steps: these are just some of the catchphrases defining the innovations and the future of automobile gear boxes. Modern car gear boxes are becoming increasingly compact, lighter and more complex with the aim of reducing fuel consumption. Feintool supports this development with precision fineblanked components, which are used in the latest generations of gear boxes. Modern automatic and dual clutch transmissions contain around 40 individual parts designed as fineblanked and formed components. For example, Feintool develops and produces synchro rings, planetary carriers and torque converter clutch discs. 


Intelligent tool concepts are the basis for successful fineblanking projects. 

This also includes the combination of multiple processing steps into a single press stroke, which significantly increases productivity – at speeds of up to 200 strokes per minute. Feintool uses this integrated approach and an awareness of interdependencies to develop a production concept that lets you get the best out of your resources and raw materials.

Applications in the automobile industry

Every car contains up to
Feintool parts
Seat mechanisms
Safety systems

Clamps for diesel engine injectors

Valve plates for air-conditioning compressors

Poly-v pulleys

Poly-v pulleys

Torque converter clutch discs and clutch disc carriers


Spigot holders 

Planetary carriers and drive plates

Parking locks

Lining plates for brakes

Wheel carrier plates

Seat legroom adjusters (index plate)

Seat adjusters, including gear segments

Height adjustment levers


Airbag locking pieces

Brake pedals


Complete press systems

Flexible, reliable, productive – lay the foundations for your successful business with fineblanking systems from Feintool.

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Parts Production

Feintool is a worldwide technology and solutions provider for the series production of precise fineblanked and formed components.

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