Powerfuel Week 2022 Lucerne: Feintool presents development project for hydrogen mobility


Last week Feintool was at the Museum of Transport in Lucerne, the most visited museum in Switzerland. The Powerfuel Week is a conference series consisting of four parts, with the aim to unite the climate neutral society with innovative technologies, with hydrogen technology in the center. It is known for research, industry and politics.                                                     



Peter Roth, Project Manager for the development of metallic bipolar plates, and Christian Maurer, Head of Technology Development in Lyss, were on site for Feintool.

«For us, it is central that the market for Feintool's innovative manufacturing technology for the series production of metallic bipolar plates gets moving,» emphasizes Peter Roth, Project Manager



Feintool's development project involves the production of metallic bipolar plates, where Feintool is developing the press systems and the tools for manufacturing the anodes and cathode plates. This allows both elements to be optimally matched to each other in order to be able to offer customers a high-quality product.

The requirements for this are very complex. First of all, it is necessary to use the thinnest possible material for the metallic bipolar plates in order to guarantee a low construction weight. Furthermore, these must be manufactured very precisely, since the structure influences the performance of the fuel cell deck. Finally, a long service life for metallic bipolar plates in daily use is extremely important for the customer.



«Powerfuel Week provided an opportunity to engage in a lively exchange with the Swiss hydrogen community and to present our products. It was also exciting to gain an insight into the activities of research and industry on the subject of hydrogen in Switzerland!» explains Christian Maurer, Head of Technology Development.