Intelligent solutions for Feintool customers at the technology conference in Stresa, Italy


How can fineblanking be further optimized? Participants at the Feintool technology conference in Stresa (Italy) received answers in the form of intelligent solutions. In terms of content, the event focused, in particular, on the possibilities of improving and coordinating individual components of fineblanking machines, thereby increasing economic success.

Stefan Etzold, Feintool Head of Sales and Marketing Fineblanking Technology, opened the event by explaining the areas of innovation that Feintool is working on. This includes, in particular, intelligent tools that "communicate" with the press, maintenance or logistics in order to increase tool life and optimize maintenance. New application options for fineblanking are also to be facilitated by means of the additional networking of individual process steps.

The clearing system of the fineblanking machine is extremely important here - especially at high cycle speeds. The ejection of the parts is now increasingly replaced by clearing systems integrated into the machine concept. “Feintool offers solutions from its modular system for all press types,” explained Massimiliano Pessina Key account Manager for Italy, Spain and France. From now on, tools at Feintool will be designed even more consistently to include clearing, and the clearing drive system will be consistently integrated into the press.

With well thought-out tool concepts, Feintool continues to expand the boundaries of fineblanking. This was made clear by Sven Hofstetter, Head of Tool Engineering, using concrete examples. Higher levels of difficulty and partial complexity combined with the elimination of undesired side effects are leading to ever-new fineblanking possibilities. Thanks to fewer subsequent operations, reduced material consumption and higher productivity, the right tool also has an economically positive effect.

He provided as well insights into the latest developments for optimizing material selection during fineblanking. Tension, compression stresses and wear are a challenge for the tools and affect their service life. Optimal materials can be produced by means of suitable material selection, heat treatment or wear protection. To this end, Feintool is collaborating with universities and manufacturers in special research projects. For instance with Gerber Maschinenbau, whose President and CEO, Marc Schori, presented the company’s brushing process, using which tool elements can be optimized.

With the digital analysis tool FEINmonitoring, Feintool has succeeded in implementing industry 4.0. At the end of the event, Fabrice Seite, Head of Global Services, presented FEINmonitoring and its potential uses by means of customer examples. The permanent collection and forwarding of relevant data from the fineblanking press allow the user in collaboration with Feintool specialists to achieve optimal maintenance cycles and improve the performance of the system.