Yanfeng KSS Automotive (China)


Locking arms for seat belt tighteners

Yanfeng KSS Automotive delivers seat belts to car makers throughout China. For the production of locking arms, the company relies on Feintool.

The goal

A local production partner in China for the production of locking arms with a fine tooth formation for seat belt systems. Because the product is important for safety, the qualitative demands placed upon it are very high, and it is not easy to find a manufacturer on-site.

The Feintool solution

  • State-of-the-art production facilities in Taicang (China)
  • European production standards
  • Reliable quality controls

The success

  • Product quality: Error rate of nearly 0 ppm
  • Expertise: Feintool uses state-of-the-art fineblanking technology and years of experience.
  • Short paths: Taicang is a mere 90 kilometers away from the “car city” of Shanghai.