Adient, Rockhausen (Germany)


Lining plates for brakes, drivetrain and door lock parts/HFA 4500speed

The automotive supplier is taking the production of seat adjusters to the next level –

with the help of fineblanking presses from the newest generation and innovative rotation transfer tools from Feintool.

The goal

  • Production of new seat adjustment components with very close tolerances
  • Reduction of weight through light design
  • Faster and more efficient production

The Feintool solution

  • The hydraulic fineblanking press HFA 11000plus with hydraulic power measuring 360 kilowatts and up to 1100 tons of press force
  • A new rotation transfer tool specially designed by Feintool: The slide moves with the parts step by step in a circular path around the center point of the press.

We have the reserves needed to try a new production process with this state-of-the-art solution.

Torsten Mueller, lead manufacturing engineer, Adient

The success

  • The fineblanked parts have even more exact edges and dimensions and fulfill the required tolerances
  • The rate of rejects decreases
  • Productivity increases