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We act responsibly

We apply the same fair standards to our relationships with employees, suppliers, shareholders and customers. We place enormous value on our business being resource-efficient and pursuing a plausible and long-term corporate strategy.

Ecological responsibility

We care for the environment

We cultivate a green corporate culture. Because reducing emissions, waste and consumption also reduces costs. We are constantly refining our efforts in this area through an ongoing process of improvement to which all employees contribute. Environmental teams coordinate improvements and actively promote them at our various locations.

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More power, same maintenance

The wear protection coating FeinAl, developed by Feintool and one of its technology partners, provides ideal protection for active elements in the fineblanking tool during heavy use. The parts materials used today are stronger than ever and the presses are managing to deliver higher and higher numbers of strokes. FeinAl adapts punches and die plates to these challenging conditions, ensuring that maintenance intervals and tool wear remain constant while delivering the same excellent performance.

Energy efficient generation of fineblanking presses

With its XFT 2500speed, Feintool is offering a new generation of fineblanking presses defined by a high level of flexibility and above all by significantly improved energy efficiency. Thanks to the sensitivity of the servo-mechanical drive, the press uses only the energy currently required for the component-specific process. The machine also uses an energy storage system that captures energy generated during braking, which it can then release as needed. When not in use, the ZFT 2500speed automatically switches to power-saving standby mode.

Certified environmental and energy management systems

All of Feintool's production locations are certified in accordance with international environmental management standard ISO 14001. We thus have a well-planned corporate environmental policy in place that is based on current international standards. In addition, four of Feintool's production sites are certified in accordance with international energy management standard ISO 50001:2011.

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Technologies for the future

Feintool not only cares about its own environmentally-friendly production processes, but also those of its customers and suppliers. Feintool also actively collaborates with customers in designing new, more eco-friendly technologies. Fineblanked and formed components can be found in fuel-saving transmission systems and economically turbocharged downsized engines, and are particularly suited to the construction of lightweight vehicles.

Economical responsibility

We practice sustainable management

Through this engagement, Feintool wants to demonstrate its environmental awareness to customers, investors and partners, as well as the public.

Lasting customer relationships

Feintool fosters long-term relationships with its customers. These relationships are built on trust, commitment and performance. Quality, on-time delivery and tailored advice guide us in our efforts. As a technology company and development partner to selected customers, Feintool plans years in advance. New technologies are constantly evaluated for applicability in order to present a steady stream of innovations in fineblanking and forming.

As the world’s only full-service provider in fineblanking and forming, Feintool offers its customers compelling value. Our combination of global services and local support mean we can create a product and service package tailored to the individual needs of each customer.


As a listed company, Feintool undertakes to report any significant changes in and relating to its business development. Feintool maintains close contact with shareholders, media and investors, and holds at least two media conferences every year. At least once a year, Feintool also offers the financial community an opportunity to experience the business first-hand at one of its production locations.

Shareholders of Feintool International Holding AG are regularly provided with important updates via shareholder letters, and can receive annual and semiannual reports on request. Through this active communication with all stakeholders, Feintool builds confidence in the company over the long term.

Risk management

As a global company, Feintool is exposed to various general and industry-specific risks. Comprehensive analysis of potential risks and assessment of their manageability are indispensable when it comes to making important corporate decisions.

Every year, Feintool conducts a comprehensive internal risk assessment. The assessment builds on the following pillars:

  • Quality and crisis management based on ISO 9001 and ISO TS 16949
  • Environmental management based on ISO 14001
  • Insurance management
  • Internal control system based on Swiss Code of Obligations Art. 663b Paragraph 12
  • Risk analysis management and
  • business continuity management

The most significant risks, their processes, evaluation and continuous improvements are defined in writing for each business area. In addition, a person responsible for risk management is assigned to each area and there is also a regulatory body.

Further information concerning risk is available in our most recent annual report.

Social responsibility

We offer lasting value

We are not mere manufacturers of forward-looking products; we are also employers. Our employees form the basis of our success. They are athletes, artists, friends, parents and family members. That is why Feintool works hard to cultivate communities at all of its locations. We work closely with cities and municipalities to maintain a high quality of life for residents, employees and their families.

Employee health

Maintaining good health and the prevention of accidents are important to employees and to the company. Working conditions are regularly reviewed and optimized where possible with respect to reducing emissions, safer operating materials, better lighting conditions, order and cleanliness.

Feintool also promotes the health of its employees through various sporting events and discounts on sport and fitness activities.

Secure operation

As part of certification according to ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949, Feintool fulfils the specifications on occupational safety in line with international standards.

Organized task forces at all Feintool production sites thus ensure occupational safety and disaster prevention in cooperation with the authorities, the police and the local fire services, for example. The safety of employees and operations is continually optimized through ongoing training of task forces and the implementation of numerous measures at the locations.

Employees form the basis of our success

Feintool attaches great importance to the training and personal development of its employees. The essential basis for this is the annual appraisal interview, in which work performed and goals accomplished, as well as training needs, are identified and evaluated.

We prefer to fill vacancies with our own employees. This ensures that existing technical know-how stays in the company. Feintool thus offers its employees the opportunity to grow professionally.