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Feintool Partners

Expanded expertise creates added value.

With the professional partners of the Feintool Technology Network, we provide extensive expertise relating to fineblanking and added value for our customers. Through intensive cooperation and ­exchanges with our industry and university partners, we optimize important areas of the process chain and continue to further develop fineblanking technology as a whole. We are introducing you to the Feintool partners and your benefits in the areas of equipment, lubricants and ancillary materials, as well as research and development.

Your Benefits

  • Usage of the Feintool partner network
  • Highest level of innovation
  • The right solution for every problem


The ideal complement for your fineblanking press.

ARKU Maschinenbau GmbH

For decades, ARKU has focused on the essentials and sets the direction for the entire sector: resilient and reliable levelers for coil processing.

The company ARKU Maschinenbau GmbH was founded in 1928. With 50 years of experience, it is the market and technological leader in leveling technology. ARKU offers the largest selection of precision leveling machines in the world. The company has expanded its industry expertise with innovative deburring technology.

With its main office in Baden-Baden in Germany and ISO-certified subsidiary companies in Kunshan (China) and Cincinnati (USA), the company covers markets in almost 30 countries.

Your benefits:

  • The company ARKU Maschinenbau is an ­expert for leveling and deburring technologies.
  • ARKU develops machines that set the standards in process reliability and cost-effectiveness.
  • ARKU also offers customers contract work in its leveling and deburring centers in Baden-Baden (Germany), Cincinnati (USA), and Kunshan (China).


Lubricants and ancillary materials

Protection and safety with every press stroke.

Fuchs Wisura GmbH

For over a hundred years, our company has stood for groundbreaking expertise in special lubricants.

FUCHS WISURA GmbH is one of Europe’s leading developers of special lubricants for non-cutting metalworking. At our location in Bremen, we unite research and development as well as production and distribution under one roof. We are proud to realize both tried-and-tested, high-quality standard products as well as very individual solutions for our customers.

We have made a name for ourselves thanks to our expertise, and not only with our customers: in the global business association Fuchs Petrolub SE, we have been the competence center for forming lubricants since 2005 and advise Group companies. The role of leading chemist for all forming products and manager of the group-wide Forming Work Group was conferred upon our manager of research and development.

FUCHS WISURA premium fineblanking oils meet Feintool’s specifications, promote optimal roughness depth for fineblanked surfaces, provide the best protection against wear, and make it possible to increase tool life while guaranteeing the greatest possible process reliability.

Your benefits

  • Chlorine-free fineblanking oils
  • Chlorine-free forming of rust-free steels
  • Conversion coating is not used in cold forging
  • Products made using renewable raw materials – free of mineral oil, solvents, and VOCs


HOLIFA Fröhling GmbH & Co. KG

HOLIFA specializes in fineblanking oils. HOLIFA offers its customers optimal fineblanking oils for all their fineblanking applications.

The company HOLIFA has been developing high-performance lubricants for the sheet metal industry for over 50 years. Over the course of this long time, we have acquired a wealth of experience from direct collaboration with national and international customers, and we combine that with the most recent discoveries in science and research to continually develop our products further.

HOLIFA lubricants are world renowned, not least because of the fineblanking oils we have developed over a period of 40 years, among other things in collaboration with our cooperation partner Feintool. Not only does Feintool, market leader in the area of fineblanking technology, itself rely on HOLIFA fineblanking oils, it also recommends them to its customers around the world. We are able to offer our fineblanking customers optimal fineblanking oils tailored to their individual needs for all imaginable material qualities and applications.

Your benefits:

  • HOLIFA offers and recommends chlorine-free fineblanking oils for all materials (steel, stainless steel, aluminum, non ferrous metals) to its customers
  • HOLIFA has also specialized in the development of individualized lubricant solutions for its customers
  • The HOLIFA product palette also incorporates a series of fineblanking oils that contain chlorine for the most difficult applications
  • HOLIFA is represented by a large number of distribution partners around the world


Research and development

From theory to practice

ETH Zurich, Institute of Virtual Manufacturing, D-MAVT

The Institute of Virtual Manufacturing specializes in planning and designing forming processes using FEM-based simulation procedures.

The institute, which has been directed by Professor Pavel Hora since 2005, is one of the pioneers in the field of "special purpose" FEM development for applications involving forming technology. The simulation tool AutoForm (www.autoform.com) is established worldwide. It was developed by the Institute of Virtual Manufacturing, and is now the number one in the area of sheet forming simulations. Additional "special purpose" packages have also been developed based on this first software tool, such as FineForm (simulates fineblanking), PressForm (simulates extrusion), and ExForm (simulates internal high pressure forming processes). In addition, the institute advises and helps industrial partners create and implement suitable material models (1.4301, Ti, 22MnB5, prediction of distortion due to hardening).

Since 2015, Prof. Pavel Hora has also direc­ted the SATW topic platform Industry 4.0. Where these topics are concerned, the institute helps companies realize intelligent or "smart" systems, such as the quality control system Q-Guard for inline monitoring and direct adaptive control of sheet forming processes.

The institute also demonstrates extensive expertise in the development of electric vehicles (battery, electric engines, control systems, recuperation).

Your benefits:

  • World-renowned institute in the field of "special purpose" FEM packages
  • Development of precise failure models for predicting the limits of forming
  • Expertise in "smart" production systems
  • Development of innovative forming systems


RWTH Aachen University, Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL)

Around the world, the Laboratory Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL) at RWTH Aachen University is synonymous with successful and future-oriented research in production technology.

Research projects that are related to fundamentals as well as projects targeted at the requirements of the industry are performed in six research areas, and practice-oriented solutions for rationalizing production are also developed. The goal of addressing the entire area of production technology under one roof has resulted in a broad work area, which is oriented towards the corporate divisions of development and construction, quality management, organization, planning operations, production and assembly as well as control and automation.

The Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL) is managed by four professors: Christian Brecher (machine tools, machine data analytics, excellence clusters, gear technology), Fritz Klocke (manufacturing technology and gear technology), Robert Schmitt (production metrology and quality management) and Günther Schuh (production engineering).

One of the research priorities of the Department of Manufacturing Technology is fineblanking. Through holistic treatment of the interaction between tool, fineblanked component and machine using experimental and numerical methods, research questions addressing the issues of wear, coatings, component quality, tools, and new aspects like Fineblanking 4.0 are answered.

Your benefits:

  • High level of methodological competence and implicit knowledge of the development and implementation of research projects
  • Tradition and expertise in the field of fineblanking
  • Pre-competitive, cross-industry collective research with companies in the fineblanking research circle
  • Strategies for the application of Fineblanking 4.0


Technical University of Munich, Chair of Metal Forming and Casting – utg

Extremely precise, maximally rigid equipment and tools are indispensable to guarantee high quality results for the department.

The chair was founded in 1968 and has been active in the field of cutting for over two decades. Fineblanking has always been a fixed and significant part of our research. Many successful research projects prove the benefits fineblanking can offer compared to other cutting techniques for a wide range of components. With function integration in parts and in connection with increased output, new possibilities open up for fineblanking equipment from Feintool. In addition to pure cutting parts, we are using our press from Feintool today to investigate the manufacturing capability of complex components with a large forming amount. Together with Feintool, we have regularly pushed the boundaries of what is technically possible in this process.

Another important component of our work is the simulation. Virtual analyses allow us to gain insights into processes in tool and material during forming, which are not accessible by experiments. The combination of experiment and simulations is the foundation for successful research for our department.

Your benefits:

  • Hohe MethodenkHigh level of methodological competence and experience in planning and running research projects
  • Numerous flexible fineblanking tools
  • Large measurement and analytical possibilities in tools and parts


Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Institute of Forming Technology & Equipment (IFTE)

Knowledge, innovation and motivation: these are the key values that have guided the IFTE people going forward.

The Institute of Forming Technology & Equipment at the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Shanghai Jiao Tong University is the Chinese national level research institution for the research on advanced materials forming technology and equipment as well as manufacturing technology. For more than 30 years, IFTE successfully worked together with industry partners in the manufacturing field.

Both Feintool and IFTE pay attentions to the research and development of advanced and innovative fineblanking and forming technology. The partnership between Feintool and IFTE has enhanced the cooperation in the field of advanced and innovative forming technology, particular the development of fineblanking systems and some fundamental research work. With the developed fineblanking system (FSO+), the design cycle has been sharply

Your benefits:

  • Chinese national level research institution in the field of advanced forming.
  • Developed FSO+ system has sharply shortened the design cycle.
  • Successful support in the R&D of the automobile industry.