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Feintool – a solid investment

As a leading global supplier in the areas of fineblanking, forming and electro sheet stamping, Feintool offers solutions ranging from plant construction to high-volume parts production.

This unique “make or buy” business model gives customers the choice of whether to outsource or manufacture in-house. Feintool thus helps to boost the competitiveness of its customers, which include a number of global blue chips.

The combination of fineblanking with cold forming makes Feintool the sole complete supplier for the efficient production of complex precision components in large quantities for demanding industries, particularly the automotive sector.

In the area of electro sheet stamping, Feintool boasts all the necessary processes to economically manufacture electric motor components in-house. Around half the products are used in automotive production and around half in other industrial applications.

The processes Feintool uses support the trends towards more lightweight vehicles, improved transmission, and thus greater energy efficiency and the general shift towards electrification.

The company is therefore optimally positioned, both in the automotive sector – be it for combustion, hybrid or electric drives – and in other important future technologies, such as energy generation, robotics and transport.  

Furthermore, Feintool boasts production sites and technology centers in the world’s most important markets, and therefore remains close to its customers.

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Feintool’s long-term growth strategy at a glance:

  • Consistent specialization and technological leadership in fineblanking, forming and electro sheet stamping. As a driver of innovation, Feintool constantly pushes the boundaries of these technologies
  • A strong regional presence in the most important (automotive) markets with flexibility for further geographic expansions
  • State-of-the-art production facilities in all relevant markets
  • Global market leader in the automotive sector for the production of seat adjuster and gear box components
  • Strong position in the production of rotor and stator packages for electric motors of all sizes and applications
  • Ongoing capital expenditures in related processes and expansion of own value chain