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CEO, Taicang (CN)

From greenfield to competitiveness

“The production facilities in Taicang were built on a greenfield site. Building them from the ground up and making them competitive has been my greatest challenge as CEO. I was able to rely on the support of several experts from other Feintool companies in Japan, Germany and Switzerland who shared their experiences with our employees.

Today I am proud of my newly formed and motivated team with its high degree of expertise and loyalty. We have been manufacturing fineblanked components for seat mechanisms in Taicang since 2012. Our international customers, who also produce in China, benefit from our company’s local presence.

I appreciate the international cooperation and global strategy at Feintool. My studies at RWTH Aachen (DE) taught me that exchange with other cultures and different ways of working is enriching. The Asian appreciation for teamwork combined with European qualities like hard work and discipline are helping us to create long-term success.”