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We provide training!

Start your career at Feintool! We have a lot to offer – including the best possible career opportunities. Our strong vocational training programs are an excellent basis for a successful professional future.

Your training at Feintool

Every career begins with a single step. With a long-standing tradition of fostering future talent, Feintool invests in the future. We currently provide training for over 80 young people at various locations. We offer a total of 16 vocational training programs in technical and business administration fields at seven locations in Switzerland, Germany and the US. At our Cincinnati location, Feintool distinguishes itself as the sole government-accredited private enterprise permitted to train and qualify toolmakers.

We provide new challenges on a daily basis as well as high-quality training. During your training, you will enjoy intensive support and encouragement from our highly qualified instructors. We provide an environment that promotes both professional as well as social development. In return, we expect our talented newcomers to demonstrate a willingness to learn, dedication and quality awareness, as well as enjoyment in pursuing their chosen course of training.

Are you interested in vocational training at Feintool? The following overview shows the training opportunities available at our various locations. The conditions for vocational training vary from country to country and region to region. If you are a school-leaver, please speak to us directly about a trial apprenticeship or starting your training, stating your preferred location and profession.

Lyss – Switzerland

The head office in Lyss is one of the largest Feintool training locations and offers interested young people a range of training opportunities every year. Trainees from all areas, who have received good grades and who would like to remain at Feintool, are employed as specialists where vacant positions are available. Feintool works closely with the industry associations Swissmem, Swissmechanic, and the Verband Ausbildung Konstrukteure Bern, the training association for constructing engineers in Berne, which ensures that the training offered is in line with the latest technical standards and methods.

Vocational training programs

Jona - Switzerland

At our press production facility in Jona, we open up one training position as an automation engineer every year. About 30 percent of trainees remain with the company and attend a higher vocational college on a part-time basis. The remaining apprentices generally decide to complete a degree at a university of applied sciences.

Vocational training program

Ettlingen - Germany

Ettlingen is the only Feintool location that offers training for technical product designers. In the other professions of industrial administrator and mechatronics engineer, the new apprentice always replaces the apprentice that has just completed their training. Training in all the professions is run based on the established dual system. Apprentices work in the operating facility throughout their entire training period and attend a vocational college twice a week, which conveys the theoretical basics and provides a general education.

Besides the three vocational training programs, Feintool Ettlingen also offers one university place in the subject of mechanical engineering, specializing in development and design, in cooperation with the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) in Karlsruhe. A general higher education entrance qualification is required.

Vocational training programs

Jena - Germany

Every year, the Jena location offers vocational training to two or three young people in four different professions. The promotion of future talent is essential in fineblanking, so good to outstanding grades and good integration into the company are generally rewarded with an employment contract, where vacant positions are available.

In Jena, training is provided based on the conventional dual system. Trainees receive on-the-job instruction in practical skills and attend a nearby vocational college two days a week. This is where they are taught the theoretical basics and receive a general education. The Feintool System Parts Jena GmbH training program receives regular subsidies from the European Social Fund thanks to its membership of the Ostthüringer Ausbildungsverbund, the East Thuringian Training Association.

Vocational training programs

Jessen – Germany

Every year, two to four young people start training as toolmakers at the plant in Jessen. The training follows the proven dual system. The trainees are instructed in practical skills in the company and attend a vocational school in the surrounding area. There they learn theoretical basics and receive a general education. The training program of Feintool System Parts Jessen GmbH is characterized by close cooperation with the various trade associations of the Halle-Dessau Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Promoting young talent is essential for electrical sheet metal stamping. If the trainees achieve good final grades, network themselves within the company and if there are vacancies, we are happy to generally offer the graduates a contract.

Vocational training program in Jessen

Obertshausen - Germany

The promotion of young talent has a long tradition in Obertshausen. Trainees now complete their basic training as toolmakers, industrial mechanics and cutting machine operators in one of the largest training centers in the region, at Pittler ProRegion Berufsausbildung GmbH in Langen. This is where they gain fundamental practical knowledge in machining processes, materials, etc., during the first 15 months, together with 300 other trainees from various areas of specialization. The budding machine and plant operators leave Pittler after four months to complete their first assignments in the plant before returning to Langen for exam preparation.

They also attend a regular vocational college throughout the entire training period, which provides a theoretical and general education. This not only ensures that trainees use the latest technical infrastructure, they also learn how to consider challenges from a range of different perspectives right from the very beginning. As a result, toolmakers in the operational phase of their training, in the second and third year of training, are already an asset to the division in which they work at the Obertshausen location.

Vocational training programs

Ohrdruf - Germany

Our location in Ohrdruf offers several training positions for toolmakers, cutting machine operators and electronics engineers for industrial engineering every year.

Training in Ohrdruf consists of a purely school-based training component at the VHS Bildungswerk in Gotha as well as an annual six-week placement at Feintool. This ensures that trainees always use the latest training machinery and can apply their theoretical knowledge in their placement at Feintool. Besides technical qualifications, this means that trainees are also already familiar with the range of parts and processes in use. Graduates are thus well-equipped to start in day-to-day operations and can be flexibly assigned to different positions.

Feintool Ohrdruf has been involved in the "UN GRAN PASO" (A BIG STEP) program since 2015, which is part of the special "MobilPro-EU" program organized by the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. This promotes the professional mobility of young people from Europe interested in vocational training. The goal is to encourage young people to participate in vocational training so that they can then be employed by Feintool.

Vocational training programs


Oelsnitz - Germany

The combination of fineblanking with chipless forming makes Feintool the only full-range supplier for the economical production of complex precision components in high volumes. The processes used support the trends in the automotive industry towards lighter vehicles, improved transmissions and module variants. As an innovation driver, Feintool is constantly expanding the boundaries of fineblanking. Around 150 employees at the Oelsnitz site ensure cost-effective customer solutions with optimum quality, precision and reliability.

By promoting young talent, Feintool Oelsnitz is investing in the future and plans to start each year with 5 apprentices in the three technical professions of mechatronics engineer (m/f/d), toolmaker (m/f/d) and machine and plant operator (m/f/d). Promoting young talent is essential for Feintool System, so if possible, a takeover contract will be offered upon successful completion of training. The training program of Feintool System Parts Oelsnitz GmbH comprises the practical training part in the company with professionally qualified instructors, the theoretical training at the vocational school in the vicinity as well as the modular technical training at the association partner VWBI Volkswagen Bildungsinstitut Chemnitz/Zwickau. In this way, Feintool Oelsnitz ensures high-quality training and offers an environment in which young people can develop both professionally and personally.

Vocational training programs

Cincinnati - USA

As one of the first Swiss companies in the US, Feintool started training young high school graduates as toolmakers in Cincinnati in 1987, based on the Swiss dual system. The qualified toolmakers can gain practical experience as well as completing a specific college diploma. Feintool retains the majority of former trainees as qualified specialists.

During "job shadowing", interested students at Great Oaks High School initially complete regular, short placements at Feintool during their last year of school, which can lead to a training contract when they graduate. During the vocational training, Cincinnati State College conveys the basic principles of mechanical engineering and tool making over almost 600 hours, in the evening and on weekends, and awards a coveted college diploma upon successful completion of the training.

Future toolmakers obtain the necessary practical skills at Feintool’s production facility in Cincinnati. Trainees quickly become fully integrated team members and even receive an apprentice wage, which is unusual in the US. Feintool also pays school fees if the student performs well.

Feintool has now also extended this training commitment to its second US location in Nashville. The first toolmaker started training at this location at the start of 2016.

Vocational training programs