Celebrating the 50th XFT Delivery


The XFT2500 press was introduced at EuroBLECH 2010. This year, the 50th one left the Press Competence Center in Jona: The XFT2500 from Feintool Technologie AG has proven to be a success. In Jona, the 50th delivery of the XFT2500 was used for a thank you to all employees involved.

“When I talk to customers about the XFT2500, I hear one thing over and over again: This press is unique in the world and a piece of great engineering,” said Stefan Etzold, Head of Sales and Marketing at Feintool Technologie AG, to the assembled employees.

And the great engineering finds its customers. Especially thanks to the growing demand for CVT gear boxes in cars. In 2018, customers ordered a record total of 15 presses. To date, Feintool has generated net sales of over CHF 73 million. “The high sales figure last year was only possible because we switched from stand assembly to flow lines here in Jona,” explained Stefan Etzold. This resulted in more efficient assembly and more press productivity per hall area.

The XFT2500 is doing excellent work for customers. Some of the presses have already exceeded the 200 million stroke limit. It’s only when this is reached that maintenance work becomes necessary. This shows clearly the high quality of the press.

Ultimately, key to the success are the employees involved in Jona. With their daily commitment and ongoing innovations, they ensure satisfied customers. One of our satisfied customers owns now the “anniversary press”.