50th XFT2500 Servomechanical Press Arrives in Czech Republic


Feintool’s 50th XFT2500 system, completed at the company’s Pressing Competence Center in early June, has reached its destination at the customer Kern-Liebers in the Czech Republic. A visibly pleased Managing Director Jaroslav Kopp explains the reasons behind the purchase of the press.

Mr. Kopp, tell us about the machines you currently have in operation.

We are currently using old mechanical and hydraulic presses. We also recently added some servomechanical and servohydraulic presses. Today our company produces over one hundred different fineblanked components, which we then process further – through heat treatment, for example.

What challenge were you facing?

The purpose of purchasing new machines was to replace our existing ones and thus increase efficiency. This is the only way we can remain competitive in our field.

Why did you select the XFT2500speed?

The reason behind this decision was simple – we wanted to improve performance and leverage the latest technological capabilities available on the press market. Once again in pursuit of the same goal: to maintain or increase our market share.

Tell us about your experience with Feintool prior to this purchase.

Before purchasing the XFT2500, we took advantage of Feintool’s maintenance services. So our experience with the company was limited to this before buying the XFT2500speed. We were very satisfied with the process of ordering and purchasing the new press, and we felt that Feintool guided us through the entire process extremely well.

What do you expect from Feintool in the future?

We want Feintool to support us across the board. For example, we expect Feintool to provide regular training on all levels – from tool design to the toolmakers to the machine settings. Availing ourselves of Feintool’s full range of services is the only way that we will be able to fully leverage the machinery we have at our disposal. Feintool’s experience will help us achieve this.

So the transfer of knowledge is the most important aspect?

No, this also includes other services. We rely on Feintool’s online service, assistance in implementing the Total Productive Management system, and the rapid deployment of technicians, for example.


Group from left to right: Milan Mosner, Patrick Vonmüllenen (Feintool), Pavel Klouda, Petr Jakubec, Michael Däppen (Feintool)