Drive systems of the future and from Feintool at the CTI Symposium in Berlin


The CTI Symposium was held for the 17th time in Berlin from December 3 to 5. Feintool took part in the Symposium and the associated trade exhibition in order to familiarize visitors with current topics in the areas of fineblanking, forming and electro sheet stamping for vehicle drive systems.

Every year, representatives from automobile manufacturers, suppliers, service providers and public authorities meet up at the CTI Symposium to exchange ideas on current topics such as drive or gearbox technology. This year’s discussions, both at the Symposium and at the associated exhibition, covered the emissions targets and the associated consequences for industry.

It became clear at the Symposium that the CO2 targets under discussion throughout Europe for 2030 (35% below the target level for 2020) can only be achieved with a mix of efficient drive technologies. Audi AG, for example, anticipates a considerable proportion of purely battery-powered drive systems by 2030, but also significant numbers of plug-in hybrids and fuel cell vehicles. Internal combustion engine technology is also far from finished, particularly when it is fueled with CO2-neutrally produced synthetic fuels. This becomes especially attractive if, as a result, the existing vehicle fleet can be powered with green energy and the climate targets can be significantly supported in this way. It is quite clear that China is playing a pioneering role in matters of e-mobility: Over 400 e-vehicle manufacturers currently share the market, with powerful encouragement from the Chinese state.

The development of e-mobility, e-drive technologies, the digitization of the vehicle or fuel cell technology are also topics that Feintool is concerned with. In addition to components for highly efficient internal combustion engines and gearboxes, we also offer technologies for hybrid applications, as well as rotors and stators for electric motors. The exhibition offered Feintool the opportunity to talk to customers and partners and to demonstrate how their needs can be met with fineblanking, forming or electro sheet stamping. The many discussions with sales staff at the Feintool booth underlined the interest of the visitors in these technologies.