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Electric motors of all sizes are the future. These successful components are not only important in electric vehicles, but also in growing sectors such as renewable energies and robotics. With high-quality electric motor lamination products and a comprehensive range of related services, Feintool offers its customers the perfect springboard.

Feintool’s electric motor lamination products are built for maximum performance. Whether they’re used in micromotors, electric vehicles, or large power plant generators, they feature a robust design and reliable operation, guaranteeing the best results. The selection offers the right solution for any quantity and includes laser-cut sheets for prototypes, combinations of laser-cutting, notching, and stamping, and stacks for greater volumes with high-speed stamping. From individual laminations to interlocked stacks for rotor and stator to single and multi-part sets, Feintool provides everything in optimal quality. The key technologies, including secondary technologies, all come from a single source. Feintool is also constantly breaking new ground in the field of electric motor lamination, with a key focus on the development of new technologies, materials, products, and processes. Feintool embraces a culture of innovation, ensuring that even highly complex individual laminations and interlocked stacks can be manufactured economically.


我们的切割技术可以精确到 0.01 毫米,因此可以制造厚度为 0.10 至 1.00 毫米的硅钢片原型样件。 即使您所需要的产品批量较小或属中等规模,我们也可以以最低成本为您进行生产。 此外,我们还生产备件和替换件,以及特殊轮廓。


以冲压散装钢片为基础,可以生产出无数种类的产品。 也就是说,您可以选择生产任何尺寸的部件。 模内冲片铁芯完成品也是我们的核心竞争力之一。 通过模内回转冲压实现对钢板厚度的补偿。


注塑成型的槽状绝缘体是电机传统纸质绝缘体的绝佳替代品。 通过该工艺可为您制造可卷绕部件。 保证最佳质量——因冲压和注塑是同步完成,完美结合。