XFT Innenansicht

XFT speed servo press.

XFT speed precision presses combine the advantages of hydraulics, servo technology and mechanics to move your production into the fast lane. High stroke rates with minimal downtimes = success guaranteed.

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3D Modell von XFT Maschine

Servo-mechanical fineblanking press.

The XFT speed press series boasts both short changeover times and high cycle rates. State-of-the-art servo-drive technology achieves cycle rates that were previously considered impossible.

With 200 strokes/minute and a total force of 1,500–2,500 kN, the XFT speed guarantees top performance in your production.

For forces from 1,500 to 2,500 kN.
A new dimension of fineblanking.


The highest level of output.

High flexibility and performance.

Maximum process reliability.

Lightning-fast reactions prevent tool breakage.

Short changeover times.

Tool change within minutes as well as shortened downtimes.

Long tool life.

Even at high cycle rates, tool deformation is virtually eliminated.

Energy efficient.

Save energy and reduce production costs with the XFT speed.

XFT Innenansicht
XFT Innenansicht
XFT Innenansicht
XFT Bedienungsmenü
Maschine XFT

Flexible and efficient.

The XFTspeed press series boasts short changeover times and high cycle rates that were previously not considered possible. Its capacity, flexibility and process reliability mean our press series offers all the prerequisites to noticeably increase the performance of your production process.

Technical specifications.

Total force (kN)
Max. plunger stroke (mm)
Max. material width (mm)
Max. material thickness (mm)
Top clamping surface (mm)
Bottom clamping surface (mm)
XFT 1500 speed
Total force (kN) 1500
Max. plunger stroke (mm) 50
Strokes/min. 200
Max. material width (mm) 220
Max. material thickness (mm) 6
Top clamping surface (mm) 480x480
Bottom clamping surface (mm) 480x480
XFT 2500 speed
Total force (kN) 2500
Max. plunger stroke (mm) 70
Strokes/min. 140
Max. material width (mm) 250
Max. material thickness (mm) 10
Top clamping surface (mm) 600x600
Bottom clamping surface (mm) 600x600

Special benefits.

Unique: the servo direct drive.

The direct link between the servo motor and the bolster plate results in high dynamics in the drive system. The press can stop much faster if there is a fault, significantly shortening the stopping time. At the same time, the motors rotate more slowly and achieve energy savings.

Sensitivity for process reliability.

The XFTspeed series impresses with its sensitivity and lightning-fast reactions. The servo-mechanical drive interacts with the newly designed sensor plate and the new, patented tool-installation space to significantly reduce the response time it takes to come to a standstill in the event of faults or problems.

Milliseconds for productivity.

Both XFTspeed press types allow movement sequences to be programmed freely and easily. Movements such as acceleration, braking, output and even intermediate stops are set with millisecond precision. The result: you get the most out of a process while protecting your tools.

Tool changes made easy.

The tools are mounted on removable plates outside the press – next to the running machine. The XFTspeed has folding brackets for the tools, on which the plates can rest during removal and installation. In combination with the new hydraulic tool clamp, these brackets ensure maximum speed when changing tools.

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