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The Feintool technology network allows us to expand our range of expertise in fineblanking, creating enormous advantages for our customers.

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Expertise creates added value.

Through collaboration and communication with our industrial and university partners, we continuously optimize crucial aspects of the process chain and significantly advance all of our fineblanking technology. Discover our partnerships and expanded areas of expertise now.

  • Using the Feintool partner network
  • Highest level of innovation
  • The right solution for every problem
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Robust, reliable belt-alignment systems.

ARKU has been focusing on the essentials for decades and is leading the way for the entire industry. ARKU Maschinenbau GmbH was founded in 1928 and has 50 years of experience as the market and technology leader in levelling technology, offering the world’s widest range of precision-levelling, deburring and rounding machines. Headquartered in Baden-Baden (Germany) with ISO-certified subsidiaries in Kunshan (China) and Cincinnati (USA), the company covers markets in more than 30 countries.

Firmenhalle von Partner Arku
The benefits for you.

The perfect addition to your fineblanking press.

  • ARKU Maschinenbau specialises in levelling and deburring sheets and coils.
  • ARKU develops machines that set standards in process reliability and cost-effectiveness.
  • ARKU also offers customers contract work at its levelling and deburring centres in Baden-Baden (Germany), Cincinnati (USA) and Kunshan (China).


Find out more about AKRU now.

Lubricants and auxiliary materials.

For over a hundred years, FUCHS LUBRICANTS GERMANY GmbH has stood for pioneering expertise in specialised lubricants. The company is one of Europe’s leading developers of specialised lubricants for non-cutting metalworking. Research and development, production, and sales are all covered under one roof at the company’s site in Bremen. In addition to proven and high-quality standard products, the company also produces custom solutions to match customer requirements. Since 2005, the company has also been the centre of excellence for forming lubricants in the global Fuchs Petrolub SE corporate network and advises companies in the group.

Specialised lubricants from a single source.

Protection and safety with every stroke.

FUCHS WISURA premium fineblanking oils comply with Feintool specifications, contribute to optimal roughness depths for cutting surfaces, provide the best protection against wear, and increase tool life with the best possible process reliability.

  • Chlorine-free fineblanking oils.
  • Chlorine-free forming of stainless steel.
  • No conversion coating when cold forming.
  • Products based on renewable raw materials – free from mineral oils, solvents and VOCs.


Find out more about FUCHS WISURA now.

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Specialists in fineblanking oils.

HOLIFA specialises in fineblanking oils, offering the perfect oil for every use. HOLIFA has been developing high-performance lubricants for the sheet-metal industry for over 50 years. The wealth of experience it has picked up over the decades contributes to continuous product development with the latest findings from science and research. The company is able to offer an ideal, needs-oriented fineblanking oil for all conceivable material qualities and uses.

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For all applications.

Tailor-made lubricant solutions.

  • HOLIFA offers and recommends chlorine-free fineblanking oils for all materials (steel, stainless steel, aluminium, non-ferrous metals) to its customers.
  • HOLIFA specialises in developing tailor-made lubricant solutions for its customers.
  • The HOLIFA product range also includes an array of chlorinated fineblanking oils for the most challenging applications.
  • HOLIFA has a global presence, with a large number of distribution partners worldwide.


Find out more about HOLIFA now.

Digital modelling of manufacturing processes.

IVP specialises in the digital modelling of manufacturing processes. In particular, this includes virtual validation of entire production chains. IVP software tools have been among the market leaders in forming technology simulations for over 20 years now. For the simulation, IVP uses its own finite element program, developed especially for modelling cutting processes: the FEM FineFormTM program.

Turning theory into practice.

The next level of virtual production.

The finite element program is based on the ALE method, specially adapted to cutting processes, which boasts significant advantages in calculation accuracy and computing speed thanks to the  forming-appropriate modelling of the calculation networks.

  • Globally recognised institute in ‘special-purpose’ FEM packages.
  • Precise failure models developed to predict forming limits.
  • Expertise in ‘smart’ production systems.
  • Development of innovative forming systems.


Find out more about IVP now.

Großes altes Gebäude

Machine-tool laboratory.

The WZL machine-tool laboratory at RWTH Aachen University is known around the world for its successful, future-facing research in production technology. Both basic and industry-oriented research projects are carried out in six research areas, and practical solutions are also developed to rationalise production. Research at the Chair of Technology of Manufacturing Processes focuses, in part, on fineblanking.

Großes altes Gebäude
WZL research institute.

Expertise throughout the entire process chain.

A holistic view of the interaction between tools, fineblanked parts, and machines uses experimental and numerical methods to answer research questions on the topics of wear, coatings, component quality, tools, and new aspects like fineblanking 4.0.

  • High methodological expertise and implicit knowledge to develop and implement research projects.
  • Tradition and expertise in fineblanking.
  • Pre-competitive, cross-sector collective research with fineblanking companies.
  • Strategies for applying fineblanking 4.0.


Find out more about the machine-tool laboratory at RWTH Aachen now.

Forming Technology and Foundry Engineering.

Fineblanking as part of shear cutting has been a key pillar of research at UTG for decades. As well as pure cutting parts, UTG is now conducting research with a Feintool press on the manufacturability of complex components with a high proportion of clean cuts. This collaboration is allowing technical limits to be regularly extended: whether in terms of lightweight construction or gear production, harnessing the inherent stresses induced by production technology.

Experiments and simulations.

Methodological expertise for your project.

The combination of experiments and simulations forms the basis for the long-term expansion of the application possibilities in fineblanking.

  • High methodological expertise and experience in planning and implementing research projects.
  • An array of flexible fineblanking tools.
  • Wide-ranging measurement and analysis options for tools and components


Find out more about UTG now.

Sophisticated material-forming technology.

Knowledge, innovation and motivation are the guiding values that point the way forward for IFTE. The Institute of Forming Technology & Equipment (IFTE) at Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s School of Materials Science and Engineering is the Chinese national research institution in advanced material-forming technology and equipment as well as manufacturing engineering. IFTE has been successfully working with industrial partners in the manufacturing sector for over 30 years.

Altes Gebäude
Knowledge, innovation and motivation.

Innovative fineblanking and forming technology.

The partnership between Feintool and IFTE improves cooperation in innovative and sophisticated forming technology, in particular, in developing fineblanking systems and basic research.

  • Chinese national research institution in sophisticated forming technology.
  • Developing the FSO+ system has significantly shortened the development cycle.
  • Successful support of R&D in the automotive industry.


Find out more about IFTE.

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