FB one.

The FB one series takes fineblanking technology to a new level. Using our hydraulic fineblanking press for forces from 4,000 kN to 11,000 kN enables high flexibility and cost-effectiveness in the production of intricate components with incomparable performance.

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FB ONE 3D Modell

FB one hydraulic fineblanking press.

With a stroke rate of 100/min and a total force of 4,000–11,000 kN, you can maximise your production potential and assure yourself a decisive edge in the production process. FB one moves your company into the fast lane of series production. Its modular design makes it easier to integrate into existing plant systems and digital production controls.

For forces from 4,000 kN to
11,000 kN.
A new dimension of fineblanking:
up to a stroke rate of 100/min.


50% less energy consumption.

The innovative drive concept consumes less energy for the same productivity. Thus, the FB one achieves higher energy efficiency.


The two-level press concept does not require a foundation pit. This allows a simplified setup at the production site and permits flexible and adaptable layout planning.

40% reduction in the amount of oil.

The direct drive concept in combination with active degassing enables operation with approx. 40 percent less oil content in the hydraulic tank and lower air content in the oil – with longer replacement intervals.

Energy-saving waste separation.

For energy-saving and process-optimized cutting of the punching grid, the waste separator module can be optimally adjusted to the punching grid. Additional pistons enable energy-saving cutting of the full strip cross-section.

Efficient direct-drive technology.

The hydraulic direct drive of the ram consumes significantly less energy and requires less oil. Thanks to the shortest switching times of the hydraulic components, the highest cycle rates can be achieved with the best process reliability.

Maschinen 3D Modell

Next-level fineblanking.

The FB one elevates fineblanking technology to a new performance class. From now on, consistent further development of hydraulics, design configuration, intuitive system control and digital networking will make fineblanking more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, powerful, accurate and flexible and – above all – even more economical. The FB one is ergonomic and offers maximum integration capabilities.

Technical specifications.

Total force (kN)
Max. plunger stroke (mm)
Max. material width (mm)
Max. material thickness (mm)
Top clamping surface (mm)
Bottom clamping surface (mm)
FB one 7000
Total force (kN) 7000
Max. plunger stroke (mm) 100
Strokes/min. 85
Max. material width (mm) 450
Max. material thickness (mm) 16
Top clamping surface (mm) 760x790
Bottom clamping surface (mm) 760x790
FB one 8800
Total force (kN) 8800
Max. plunger stroke (mm) 130
Strokes/min. 70
Max. material width (mm) 450
Max. material thickness (mm) 16
Top clamping surface (mm) 960x960
Bottom clamping surface (mm) 960x960
FB one 11000
Total force (kN) 11000
Max. plunger stroke (mm) 130
Strokes/min. 60
Max. material width (mm) 450
Max. material thickness (mm) 16
Top clamping surface (mm) 960x960
Bottom clamping surface (mm) 960x960

Special benefits.

Energy and the environment.

Environmentally friendly: the FB one hydraulic fineblanking press consumes up to 50% less energy and requires up to 40% less hydraulic oil.

Ergonomics and connectivity.

The FB one boasts optimal disposal of parts and waste, plus intuitive controls. FEINmonitoring always keeps an eye on the condition of the press.


The FB one is characterised by higher stroke rates and repeatability, improved process reliability, and greater rigidity of the press mechanism.


Its modular design makes it adaptable – there is no longer any need for a foundation pit, making the FB one compatible with existing tools.


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