Schabmüller GmbH, Germany


Rotor and stator packets for agricultural machines

Electric motors are increasingly coming into focus of in agricultural applications. Schabmüller, the German manufacturer of e-motors, uses so-called rotor and stator stacks from Feintool for the latest generation of tractors.

The goal: reducing pressure loss

The hydrostatic-mechanical power splitting of normal transmissions on large tractors cannot be done without hydraulic pressure loss. E-motors can transmit power without such losses.


The Feintool Solution

  • Precise implementation of the design specifications of rotor and stator packets for further processing into e-machines
  • Deep technical know-how in the design, construction and production of rotor and stator stacks at the Feintool plant in Jessen, Germany.
  • Reliable partner from the development to the production of the stacks

The stator and rotor stacks from Feintool perfectly meet our requirements in terms of quality and performance"

Rainer Kruse, Head of Development/Construction at Schabmüller

The success

  • Precise, highly complex parts with minimal tolerances
  • Development of new large tractors
  • Award for end customer by expert jury at the Agritechnica trade show