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FAQ Application Feintool Group

Job postings

Where are open positions/vacancies listed?
We advertise on our company website.

What kinds of job are you recruiting now?
Please go to our job page for available positions.

Are there any other positions available other than the jobs listed on the job page of the Feintool website?
In most cases open positions are posted on our job page.

Will you consider my application in the absence of an open position?
Yes. The prospects of success of an unsolicited application depend on the current company situation. You’ll receive an answer to every application.

Who can I contact should I have any additional questions about the position I am applying for?
Please refer to the contact information listed on the respective job posting. If you have any questions regarding an unsolicited application, please use the general contact info@feintool.com.

How to apply

How can I apply for a specific job?
You can apply directly online, via email or mail. The corresponding e-mail address or mailing address is indicated on the respective advertisement.

Where can I submit unsolicited applications?
Please refer to the contact information on existing job postings of the location you are interested in. You may also submit your unsolicited application to info@feintool.com.

Which documents do I have to attach to my application?
Your complete application should consist of a cover letter, CV, diplomas and where customary recommendation letters.

In which file format should I upload my attachments? Is there a maximum file / data size?
The best way to upload your attachments is in pdf format. Files should be no larger than 5 MB.

How can I be sure that my application was submitted?
You will receive a confirmation of receipt within a few working days.

Is it possible to apply for jobs at more than one location?
Yes, you may apply to suitable jobs at different locations.

Do I have to reapply if I’m interested in future vacancies?
Yes, in order to be considered you need to reapply for posted positions you are qualified for.

Who can I contact if I encounter technical difficulties?
Please use the contact information listed on the respective job posting.

Application Process

How does the typical application process look like?

Once you have applied for a job, you will receive a confirmation email or letter. Your application is reviewed by our HR specialists. We choose our employees with care and it takes some time to review all relevant documents conscientiously. You will be informed by e-mail or telephone about the next steps. If you meet the job requirements, we will invite you to an interview.

The interview process may take from two to four weeks. In some cases more time is required. We will stay in contact with you during the process. Candidates are interviewed by a Human Resources Specialist and the Hiring Manager.

Qualities / Diversity

What qualities do we look for in a candidate?
Candidates must meet the criteria as described in the job ad. We look for highly motivated candidates who do not shy away from new challenges, are eager to make a contribution and who share our values and vision for the future.

What is your policy on diversity?
At Feintool we employ people from different backgrounds and nationalities. We aim for an inclusive work environment in which our employees are respected and valued for their skills, experiences, perspectives and ideas. We strive for a work environment that is free from discrimination of any kind and we expect our employees to observe and respect the rights and dignity of others.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Is it possible for foreign citizens to apply for a job?
Yes, you must meet the job requirements and be able to legally work in the country the open position is located in.

Data protection

How do you handle my personal data?
We handle personal data according to laws and legal requirements of the countries we operate in.

In the course of your application, we collect and process the following personal data:
Name, first name / address / phone number / e-mail / application documents (cover letter, CV, diplomas and recommendation letters, etc.)

The collection and processing of your personal application data is solely for the purpose of filling vacancies within our company. In principle, your data will only be forwarded to the in-house departments and specialist departments of our company responsible for the specific application procedures. The transfer of your personal application data to other companies of the Feintool Group does not take place without prior express consent from you. No further use or distribution of your application data to third parties takes place.