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Electro lamination components for peripheral drives

Feintool’s pumps and valves, using electro laminations, make an important contribution towards achieving high efficiency in vehicle motors.

Coolant pumps for cars

Electronic coolant pumps cool only when this is really necessary. They save fuel and therefore are environmentally friendly. The main area of application is the indirect intercooling of supercharged internal combustion engines. In the drive concepts of hybrid and electric vehicles, too, the pumps perform various tasks – for example cooling batteries, DC/DC converters and power electronics.


Coolant pumps for utility vehicles

The mechatronic components for Euro 6 engines include AGR valves, exhaust flaps and back pressure valves. These enable compliance with emissions legislation for utility vehicles, which is becoming ever stricter worldwide. The AGR valve consists of a temperature-stable, cooled actuator and a valve body, which is connected to the actuator by a coupling rod. This distribution results in a thermal decoupling, which is essential because of the high temperatures produced by the exhaust.
Exhaust flaps are used for a huge variety of different tasks. These include increasing the driving pressure gradient to improve the AGR rate, support for the engine’s braking function, gear shift support and thermomanagement of the SCR system or for the regeneration of the diesel particle filter (DPF).


Electric fuel pumps

With modern electric fuel pumps, the pump station sits directly on the shaft of the electric motor. The pumps are flooded with fuel and thus cooled at the same time. The advantages: fewer moving parts, a compact design and minimal exterior dimensions. Depending on the placement within the vehicle, a distinction is drawn between in-tank and inline pumps.

Electro laminations for peripheral drives:

  • Stator package cooling fan modules
  • Rotor package coolant pump
  • Rotor package electric fuel pumps
  • Outer stator package coolant pump
  • Inner stator package coolant pump
  • Stator package with injection-molded insulation for coolant pump