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We are expanding our sustainability management activities

Environmental issues are at the top of Feintool’s agenda for employees and management – because we are aware of the fact that our production activities, including along the supply chain and in our day-to-day operations, inherently have an environmental impact. Our goal is to continuously reduce it. This conserves natural resources, is conducive to a healthy working and living environment, and also cuts costs.

As a result, our holding company pursues a defined environmental policy for the entire group on the basis of the international ISO 14001 standard. In line with our slogan “Expanding Horizons,” we are developing our environmental activities in the narrower sense into a comprehensive sustainability management system.

With the framework of an analysis of the main aspects relevant to us (materiality), we decided to focus on the areas of energy, emissions, waste, and materials. For this purpose, we calculate our footprint at all of our locations on an ongoing basis, with the exception of the service centers in Atsugi and Shanghai.

Sustainable innovations

FB one: a fineblanking press in a class of its own

When designing the new FB one press generation, we realigned numerous functional details with each other. The result is a high-tech production system that opens up previously unattainable technical, process-related, and economical advantages. The new process-optimized hydraulic direct drive makes shorter cycle times and higher stroke rates with reduced energy consumption possible. The new press reduces oil consumption by about half and slows down oil aging. Thanks to the 30% decrease in energy consumption, manufacturing can be carried out in a higher efficiency class.

Our research partners

Conserving resources in day-to-day operations

Sustainability begins at every employee’s own workstation. We have committed ourselves to sustainable business management and are pursuing corresponding projects at all locations. In China, for example, we introduced comprehensive measures to recycle waste oil and process water from the production process. And in the United States, we use rainwater for production – just one of many sustainability projects the company has initiated.

Read more about two major projects here:

More Power, same maintenance

The wear protection coating FeinAl, developed by Feintool and one of its technology partners, provides ideal protection for active elements in the fineblanking tool during heavy use. The parts materials used today are stronger than ever and the presses are managing to deliver higher and higher numbers of strokes. FeinAl adapts punches and die plates to these challenging conditions, ensuring that maintenance intervals and tool wear remain constant while delivering the same excellent performance.

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