The FB one as a competitive advantage


"The FB one keeps us competitive," said Ben Barnett, President and Chief Operating Officer of Principal Manufacturing Corporation (PMC). After the economic success of the servo-mechanical Feintool XFT2500 press in use, he also decided to invest in the latest press generation, the FB one. Thanks to the cost-effective production and new possibilities, PMC has already won new orders.

Feintool's FB one press differs from its predecessors in particular in its increased productivity, energy consumption and lower environmental impact. Especially in times when energy costs are becoming a critical factor, the FB one, with its energy-optimized functionality, makes a major contribution to reducing operating expenses. The direct drive massively reduces energy consumption. But compared to other presses, it is one thing above all: high performing.

The latest press generation now also in the USA

The PMC company is the first to use these advantages for itself. Because PMC wants to produce more for the electromobility sector, they need fineblanking presses with more power. In spring 2022, Ben Barnett, President and COO of PMC, was already visiting Jona (Switzerland). He was able to experience the FB one in action and ask its chief developer, Markus Schaltegger, all questions about the press. After Schaltegger answered his questions, Ben Barnett was convinced of the advantages. He takes the view that investing in state-of-the-art machines is worthwhile, which is why he decided to buy an FB one. "Working with a press that has the latest technology makes us more competitive," he is convinced. His calculations seem to be working out. With the argument in hand that the new FB one has greater capacity and capabilities, PMC was able to prevail against the competition in a tender and secure an order for next autumn. Ben Barnett says: "We would have needed the press anyway, but the fact that we were able to win an order with it is perfect."

Use of the fineblanking press

The XFT 2500 press is already used in PMC's machine park and the older presses will soon be replaced together with the FB one. Ben Barnett, an electric car driver, is impressed by Feintool's technology development and fineblanking presses and says: "Feintool makes the most fineblanking presses in the world. But only because they are the best presses. To be honest, I don't see any good alternatives." He is particularly enthusiastic about the FB one because of the hydraulic drive, the practical, modular design and the high speed. It is used for the production of parts for the drive train of combustion engines and electric motors. Barnett adds: "But it will also be ideal for orders from the industrial sector."

FB one as a marketing tool

Investments in the machine park do not go unnoticed – both internally and externally. Because existing and potential employees and customers take note of the investment. Barnett believes that this charisma should not be underestimated: “The FB one is also a marketing tool. Employees as well as customers should know that we are investing in the future.”

PMC is a fineblanking company that Ben Barnett runs with his brother, Rick Barnett. For 24 years he has been working in the family business, which mainly supplies the automotive industry and is characterized by many downstream processes.