Press conference on the training situation in the Offenbach region


"More dynamism in the training market would be desirable", was the unanimous tone at the press conference of the Employment Agency, the regional Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Chamber of Crafts. With its long-standing successful regional training concept, Feintool, as host of the event in Obertshausen, demonstrated that skilled trades occupations within the dual training system are an important answer to the shortage of skilled workers.

A representative of Feintool's successful training history was the focus of the press conference, which was followed by a tour of the company. Felix Lederer, an industrial mechanic trainee, presented the training to the press and association representatives from his point of view. He had chosen the automotive apprenticeship for a specific reason: it harmonised with his private interests. In his free time, he helps to repair cars, especially the gearbox and its technical complexity fascinate him. "It just fit together and that's why I'm at Feintool," he explained. "Here I always have the opportunity to have everything I come into contact with in production explained to me and I can simply try it out," Felix Lederer continued. The great trust placed in him and the great support are important motivating factors for him. He has also developed personally, for example in communication within the team, with superiors or at trade fairs, where he advertises for mor trainees.


left: Felix Lederer, industrial mechanic, right: José Lopes Vicente, trainer HR

José Lopes, the trainer responsible for Feintool training in Europe, who was also present, added: "We follow the motto: learn from the best. Our trainees are surrounded by internal experts from various departments and external training partners such as PITTLER ProRegion. We look after all our apprentices intensively, exemplify our values and offer them the opportunity to develop their social skills." For plant manager André Gansen it is clear: "A profession is a vocation. In order to successfully lead our business into the future, we clearly also rely on the dual education system and thus on the quality and innovation of young trained employees for the long-term demand for skilled workers. It is therefore more necessary than ever to show young people that an apprenticeship in the skilled trades offers the best prospects for the future. For this reason, it is essential, together with the Employment Agency and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, to show young people who are about to make a career choice what the diverse training opportunities are."

André Gansen explains the production of formed parts for hybrid drives.

Feintool System Parts Obertshausen has been offering craft apprenticeships since 1966 and has successfully trained 400 young skilled workers to date. Feintool applies the high standards of the dual training system that apply in Germany and Switzerland equally in Asia and the USA. Not only because only excellently trained young people can carry the highly specialised know-how into the future, but also because education and sound knowledge help young people to become self-confident personalities.

left: Regina Umbach-Rosenow, Press Officer, in the middle: Lena Speckmann, Team Leader Vocational Guidance
right: Thomas Iser, Chairman of the Management Board

"I find Feintool very interesting, not only because it is a future-oriented employer, but also because it attaches great importance to promoting young talent."  Regina Umbach-Rosenow from the Employment Agency

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