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The principle behind the successful technology

Mechanical or hydraulic blanking and punching, as well as cold forming processes are flexibly combined to produce cost-effective components of a consistently high quality. Feintool has cutting-edge systems in place to efficiently handle the processes needed for the chipless forming of aluminum, standard or high-tensile steels using the fewest possible operations.

Cold forming enables complex part geometries to be manufactured without having to use additional mechanical processes. Targeted forming using multi-stage press tools can be used to create different wall thicknesses. Work hardening, which is linked with forming, ensures that products are functional and means that, depending on the material, subsequent heat treatment is no longer required. Every press stroke creates a part ready for assembly.

A million times proved

Every year, around 22 million high-precision parts are produced at Feintool’s forming locations in Germany and the US, primarily for the automobile industry. During these procedures, the focus is on the cold forming of steel.


Weight reduction

Support cutting-edge gear box developments

Efficient production of high volumes


The automobile industry has ambitious goals: lighter and more fuel-efficient vehicles, sturdier designs and more efficient production. Important optimization potentials lie in reducing the weight of the vehicle and in the drivetrain. The chipless forming process allows for the cost-effective production of lightweight, multifunctional components in industrial high-volume production. Formed components, such as planetary gear carriers and plate carriers, are essential for modern dual clutch, automatic and hybrid transmissions, for continuously variable transmissions and differentials. They help to reduce weight, ensure a more compact design and increase precision. Improvements in fuel consumption, reliability and gear shifting comfort of these drivetrain concepts are achieving significant gains.


Even complex designs can be produced in a single operation. The key: Feintool combines up to 14 individual tools to form a high-precision whole, covering operations such as deep drawing, milling and rolling. Not only are the forming presses precise, they offer very high output. They produce over 600 parts per hour – around the clock. 

Applications in the automobile industry

Every car contains up to
Feintool parts
Seat mechanisms
Safety systems

Clamps for diesel engine injectors

Valve plates for air-conditioning compressors

Poly-v pulleys

Poly-v pulleys

Torque converter clutch discs and clutch disc carriers

Spigot holders

Planetary carriers and drive plates

Parking locks

Lining plates für breaks

Wheel carrier plates

 Seat legroom adjusters (index plate)

Seat adjusters, including gear segments

Height adjustment levers

Airbag locking pieces

Brake pedals


Parts production

Feintool is a worldwide technology and solutions provider for the series production of precise fineblanked and formed components.

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