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International Focus

With 13 of our own production plants in Europe, the US and Asia, we are close to our customers in all the important markets. With our three technology centers on these continents, we can support you starting in the development phase with crucial expertise in cost-optimized production, thus providing you with a competitive advantage from the first component to come off the line. We also speak your language, and in your time zone too.

Know-how worldwide

Fineblanking and cold forming processes require a large measure of technical expertise. For that reason, we believe that solid investment and the ability to attract the best specialists are crucial when selecting a plant location. Networking and the transfer of knowledge between the plants are good reasons for our international customers to put their trust in Feintool, as is our proximity to development hubs for sophisticated vehicle technology.

As a supplier to the global automobile industry, we know just how important short and cost-effective delivery routes and times are, as well as just-in-time delivery. This strategy of "production in the markets, for the markets" also eliminates any currency risks.


  • International knowledge transfer
  • Proximity to development hubs for sophisticated vehicle technology
  • Short, cost-effective delivery routes
  • No currency risks

Globally at home

Our production plants specialize in the application of our production processes in certain areas.

The production plant at Feintool's headquarters in Lyss (Switzerland) specializes in processes for manufacturing high-precision components for the automobile industry, in which fineblanking and transforming combine with special grinding technologies, such as double-disk grinding and profile grinding, as well as heat treatments.

In Jena (Germany), production is made up predominantly of car drivetrain components. Clutch plates for automatic and dual clutch gear boxes are produced on highly specialized production lines. Our other specialties include planetary carriers, cone rings and synchronizer rings. Feintool in Ettlingen (Germany) specializes in the application of the fineblanking process for chain links, and is proud of its process competency for copper alloys and stainless steels.

Oelsnitz (Germany) has been home to the Feintool Group’s newest production plant since 2015, which specializes in the production of sprockets.

Our forming plant in Obertshausen (Germany) is the competency center for sophisticated cold-formed components, such as those required for weight-optimized dual clutch, hybrid or automatic transmissions. Feintool in Ohrdruf (Germany) specializes in the production of formed components for modern dual clutch components and belt pulleys that drive auxiliary units in motor vehicles.

Feintool Cincinnati (USA) focuses its production on seat adjuster elements, while the plant in Tennessee (USA) primarily produces components for drivetrains.

The Feintool production plant in Taicang (China) currently specializes in seat adjuster systems and transmission components – and is also collaborating on various localization projects with American, Japanese and European customers.

The plants in Atsugi and Tokoname (Japan) are examples of 6S workplace organization and preventive maintenance measures with TPM. They have well-established process and engineering expertise in the design and manufacture of sophisticated seat adjusters.


  • 13 production plants in Europe, Asia and the US
  • Specialized production processes for specific applications