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Feintool specializes in certain areas in the application of its processes. Feintool has long-established, global expertise in these areas of application. The advantage is that we are familiar with the specific requirements and speak the language of technical experts. The most important applications in the automobile industry can be divided into three groups: drivetrain, seat adjusters and safety components.

For the drivetrain

With our application-related competencies we can assist you in optimizing designs in terms of weight, functionality and cost. By concentrating on certain applications in the drivetrain, production lines can be optimally aligned with the products to be produced. We frequently differ from other providers in this respect. Key products manufactured using our processes include fineblanked plates, chain links and sprockets, parking locks, vibration dampers and camshaft adjusters.

Among the many highly formed components are plate carriers and planetary carriers, as well as complete subassemblies for dual clutch automatic gear boxes, hybrid transmissions and all-wheel-drive systems.


  • Application-related competence for designs optimized in terms of weight, function and cost
  • Production lines that are optimally aligned with the products to be produced

For seat adjuster mechanisms

Adjuster mechanisms in car seats are comprised almost exclusively of fineblanked components. Feintool is a market leader in this segment, partly because fineblanking is capable of processing the low-alloyed and high-tensile steels needed in these applications. Seat adjuster components are genuine all-rounders: measured in terms of their size, they combine a wide range of functions in a limited space. They are crucial to the safety of the vehicle's occupants, because high levels of torque are transmitted when a load is applied. Many factors, such as high-strength materials, high-precision gear teeth and narrow tolerances, place great demands on the entire manufacturing process.


  • Feintool is the market leader in the seat adjuster segment
  • Machining of microalloyed and high-strength steels
  • We meet the high standards demanded in terms of materials, high-precision gear teeth and tolerances

For safety systems

The demands placed on fineblanked and formed components here could hardly be greater: components for seat belt tighteners, airbag caps that activate in a split second, or brake lining plates that can withstand massive forces and temperatures. These components must function correctly to ensure safety, and their production processes are equally sophisticated.

Early collaboration is especially decisive when it comes to safety components. Feintool therefore offers design consultancy and prototyping services.


  • Reliability for safety-related components
  • Early design consulting and prototyping

The tool lies at the heart of the manufacturing process. Feintool develops and produces tools that satisfy the most stringent technology and cost-effectiveness requirements.

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