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Tool technology for the toughest requirements

The tool lies at the heart of the manufacturing process. Feintool develops and produces tools that satisfy the most stringent technology and cost-effectiveness requirements. Process stability is the result of optimum gradation. Our expertise in tool making is one of the main contributors to our success. Feintool supports its customers along the entire process chain, from feasibility study through to tool making and the finished product.


Strong concepts for market success

Achieve the best possible results through the interaction of component engineering, materials and tool design. Feintool engineers ensure that you receive the right solutions. Their integrated approach and an innate sense for relationships enable them to create a production concept whose application will ensure that you get the best out of your resources and raw materials. Our knowledge database with over 10,000 solutions ensures optimum efficiency when designing your production facility.


  • Predictable unit costs
  • Strip optimizer for optimal use of materials
  • Knowledge database for efficient problem-solving
  • Concept studies


Step by step to practical applications

The production of prototypes is a logical step, even in the early phases of project development. Potential weaknesses are quickly identified during a methodical review under real-life conditions. They are eliminated and retested in the next step. Our efficient prototyping lets you perfect the design of your parts and their functions time- and cost-effectively. Only true-to-the-original prototypes and experimental models are used – ideal conditions to ensure that production can start quickly.


  • Efficient fine-tuning of part design
  • Time and cost savings
  • Close-to-production parts; reliable processes


Making processes transparent

Avoid expensive and time-consuming trial-and-error loops: our feasibility studies and simulations quickly lead you to a fineblanking-compatible part design without the use of tools. This is essential if you need to keep unit costs low. Our specialists help simulate your ideas and improve on them until we achieve the optimum results for the tool and the parts. This means that the process concept, whether produced by you or by us, is firmly in place before taking the next step.


  • From idea to first part as quickly as possible
  • Enables new applications
  • Reduces trial-and-error loops; lower costs of bad goods

Tool Design

The foundation for reliable tools

Using the latest 3D design software and hardware, professional Feintool Engineers design intelligent fineblanking tools for the serial production of sophisticated fineblanking parts. Accordingly we are using expert knowledge built up over decades. In addition to the engineering (tool concept) the tool design is the core of Feintool’s tool room and significant for a long-lasting, reliable fineblanking tool.


  • Robust, stable and monitored tools
  • Efficient tool maintenance
  • Long tool life
  • Best producibility
  • Maximum production output

Tool making

Know-how adds value

Feintool manufactures over a hundred tools for fineblanking presses every year at the Lyss location alone. Our unique know-how in this field grows every day and is enriched with deep expertise. Your order, whether designed by you or us, is in good hands with the Feintool specialists: they use the latest machinery and our own hardening shop to produce tools that satisfy the most stringent requirements. They impress with their resistance to wear and their diversity as well as maximum precision, even for complex designs.


  • Maximum wear resistance
  • Maximum precision
  • Tools, spare elements and single parts from a single source

Tool testing

Preparing tools for use

All fineblanking tools manufactured by Feintool undergo a practical test using in-house test presses under production-like conditions – and we are the only provider in the world to do so. You can safely assume that the tool can be used straightaway in your production facility. No need for time-consuming adjustments or improvements; you can take full advantage of your presses’ productivity. You also benefit from our strong service focus when commissioning tools: our specialists provide support on-site or at our technology center through to the start of series production. Start-up support ensures that you achieve a high level of process stability as quickly as possible.


  • Tools are immediately ready for service
  • No interruptions to production
  • Start-up support for maximum process stability

Spare tool elements

Genuine parts for reliable production

The rapid availability of the right spare elements is an important factor for reliable and cost-effective production. Feintool provides outstanding service in this area. Feintool quickly delivers replacements based on established software solutions, which also provide information on the service life and required quantities. It pays off to use only genuine Feintool elements: you save on expensive fitting times and ensure consistently high process quality.


  • Easy ordering
  • Short delivery times
  • Attractive discount models
  • Blank management