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Feintool services

Consulting and customer training services provide the perfect foundation for the successful implementation of our fineblanking systems. Feintool provides cutting-edge know-how and systems engineering under one roof. Our specialists provide support along the entire process chain and provide you with a complete fineblanking package to ensure your success.


Tel. +81 46 248 4444
Fax +81 46 401 1744

Tel. +86 23 8903 6559
Fax +86 21 5778 6656

Customer service

Excellent support worldwide and around the clock

Feintool ensures the maximum availability of its systems through regular inspections and maintenance. Experienced service engineers provide reliable customer service all around the world.

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Detect faults before they become a problem

FEINmonitoring is an intelligent online system for monitoring fineblanking presses. Sensor data directly from the machine lets you know when an intervention is required as well as the activities needed. In-built sensors record all the necessary parameters: from power consumption, to the temperature and pressures, through to particles in the oil. This data is transmitted to the FEINmonitoring database via a secure mobile communications link, where it is recorded, analyzed and evaluated by the system. If the measured values are in a critical range, the user receives an SMS or email.

FEINmonitoring offers more than just a preventive warning system: all of the system data and information it records is summarized and displayed in different dashboards for different target groups, such as management, maintenance and production planning.


  • Permanent monitoring of important system parameters
  • Minimizes unplanned press failures and expensive consequential losses
  • Supports the cost-effective and reliable operation of your fineblanking press

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Inspection and maintenance service

Safety pays off

Well-maintained presses and tools are a fundamental requirement for long-term production success. Feintool provides customized maintenance packages, which ensure the maintenance and optimization of your entire fineblanking infrastructure and guarantee flawless production and that your systems retain their value. To localize and quickly eliminate the cause of a fault, our maintenance specialists establish an online connection to your machine within minutes. Production parameters can also be optimized via remote access.


  • Prevent unplanned machine failures
  • Check and confirm machine safety
  • Create an action plan for upcoming repairs, retrofits or audits
  • Sustain the long-term value of your fineblanking system

Spare parts service

For production that runs smoothly

A Feintool system can only delivery maximum performance with genuine spare parts. That is why we keep them on standby for our customers worldwide. Our expert service engineers professionally install genuine parts as part of maintenance and repair service. Feintool operates a global spare parts service. Wherever you produce in the world, you will always receive the right material and comprehensive support on time.

system overhaul / retrofit

Value preservation and production stability for your systems

All products have a limited service life. Wear, defects or revised standards have a significant influence on a system’s productivity. Retrofits allow us to return your system to peak performance. Our service engineers and control specialists return fineblanking presses to full-scale productive operation after years of intensive use and technical obsolescence, e.g. the control, hydraulics or drive systems. This increases the safety and cost-effectiveness of your fineblanking system and ensures value preservation. All with the Feintool guarantee.


  • Training program covering the entire process chain
  • Comprehensive knowledge transfer
  • Modules can be selected based on your requirements
  • Held at your company on request
  • Qualified employees for process optimization


Everything for successful operations

Feintool has consistently invested in research and development from the very beginning. We pass on the resulting findings to you in the form of consulting and training. This establishes a solid foundation for the successful operation of your fineblanking systems.

  • Tool materials engineering and coating technology: For longer service lives. The quality of tool materials and coating of active elements is increasingly important. Consequently, this area is a focus of development for Feintool specialists.
  • Production materials: For optimal component quality. The diversity of production materials, such as alloyed or high-tensile steels, is constantly increasing in the drive to save on materials and weight. Feintool works closely with various suppliers to develop optimum, production-quality materials.
  • Lubricants: For compatibility with the process chain. One important factor in the process chain is selecting the right lubricant. Feintool develops appropriate ecological fineblanking oils together with our partners.


Customized training for your success

We are always happy to pass on our fineblanking know-how to our customers and their employees. After all, it takes expert knowledge to get the most out of your production facility. The wide range of modules in our training program, tailored to all relevant groups of employees, reflects the entire fineblanking process chain and round out Feintool's range of services. Our research and development department works closely together with leading international universities. The results and experiences gained by our specialists flow directly into Feintool training.


  • Training program covering the entire process chain
  • Comprehensive knowledge transfer
  • Modules can be selected based on your requirements
  • Held at your company on request
  • Qualified employees for process optimization

Learn from the best with Feintool training Customer advisory discussion

Hardening shop

Hard cases are our specialty

Materials that satisfy the most stringent demands are essential in high-quality tools. Feintool operates its own high-performance hardening shop in Lyss with state-of-the-art vacuum hardening furnaces. Reap the benefits of our experience and our hardening infrastructure for tool making. Our modern systems allow Feintool to fulfil your hardening order quickly and on time. Benefit from our comprehensive consulting services, our specific know-how and our extensive experience in the heat treatment of tool steels.


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