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Servomechanical fineblanking press

The XFTspeed fineblanking presses combine the advantages of hydraulics, servo technology and mechanics. High stroke counts and minimal down times are their guarantees of success on the market.

XFTspeed series

Productivity at the highest level

The XFTspeed press series impresses with fast retooling times and high cycle rates. The use of state-of-the-art servo drive technology achieves cycle rates that were considered impossible until now.

Technical data

Total force

1'500-2'500 kN


  • Double the output
  • Short retooling times
  • Variable shear speeds
  • High tool service lives
  • Energy-efficient

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Ram stroke rate

200 /min
up to

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XFT 1500speed 2500speed
Total force max. kN 1500 2500
Ram strokes at max. tools heights mm 50 70
Ram stroke rate (according to part) up to 1/min 200 140
Strip width max. mm 220 250
Material thickness max. mm 6 10
Upper bolster mm 480x480 600x600
Table mm 480x480 600x600