Feintool wins major contract to supply wind turbine manufacturer


As a long-term supplier of 12 MW offshore wind generators to a renowned company, Feintool has successfully bolstered its position as a supplier in the renewable energies sector, in keeping with its overarching strategy. 

With this order, Feintool has succeeded in adding a renowned European wind turbine manufacturer to its portfolio in the wind energy sector.  In the course of the customer's outsourcing process, Feintool was able to secure the project volume as the sole supplier.

The contract includes the supply of stator segment plates and stator segment packages for wind turbine generators. Feintool was able to convince the customer of the value of its innovative and patented bonding processes and asserts itself as a technology leader in the field of size-independent adhesive bonding technology.

The project is scheduled to start in November 2023. Over 2 million segment plates including bonded segment packages will be produced.

The wind turbines will be used offshore in the North Sea and are also to be used in for the production of green hydrogen over an extended period of time.

The production process and the innovative tooling concept demonstrate Feintool's full expertise in adhesive bonding technology and strengthen Feintool's position as a manufacturer of large-diameter plates.

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