Feinwerktechnik hago relies on another fineblanking press from Feintool


At its production and company location in Küssaberg, Germany, hago has recently laid another milestone for the future of successful fineblanking. A new servo-mechanical fineblanking press from Feintool complements their production, in which components for vehicle lock and key technologies are fineblanked. According to the responsibles at hago, the installation work has proceeded very satisfactorily and on schedule.

«With its performance, flexibility and process capability, the XFT servomechanical fineblanking press offers everything it needs to accompany hago Feinwerktechnik on the path to success in fineblanking. Thanks to the latest servo drive technology, very high cycle rates can be achieved, optimal for the components of hago. We congratulate that the presse could be well brought into the production site and we look forward to the start-up.  Thank you for the long-standing partnership and we wish you every success!" says Patrick Vonmüllenen, Key Account Manager at Feintool Technologie AG.

Marcel Wegmann, COO und CTO of Feinwerktechnik hago GmbH also confirms: «As a partner of Feintool for many years, we are pleased that our infrastructure is being expanded by another fineblanking press. For us, working in partnership with our suppliers is the benchmark for joint success. We attach great importance to a long-term, cooperative partnership and are very pleased to have Feintool at our side as experts in fineblanking technology.»

About hago

Since its foundation in 1970, Feinwerktechnik hago GmbH has grown from a mere tool making and die shop with two employees to a generalist in sheet metal forming with more than 500 employees.