Sustainability report 2020


Driving transformation

As a company driving innovation in the fields of fineblanking, forming, and electrolamination stamping, we push the boundaries of these technologies in order to develop new solutions, especially for mobility. Such solutions need to be sustainable and efficient. We produce components that make this possible. In doing so, our aim is to achieve lasting success in the market and not to operate at the expense of future generations. In fact, the opposite is true – we want to play an active role in comprehensive sustainable development.

For Feintool, sustainability means more than just the ecological footprint: «We want to contribute to a sustainable society and understand sustainability as a holistic concept that encompasses our entire value chain», explains Feintool CEO Knut Zimmer.

We are aware that our business activities not only have an impact on the economy. As a company, we also leave an environmental footprint and actively design the way we interact with each other within the company, the development of our employees, and our relationships with partners, suppliers, and the local environment at our locations worldwide.

We have been measuring and managing these impacts, as well as our economic, environmental, and social performance, for quite a long time. After all, this is the only way we can continue to operate profitably – while at the same time taking responsibility for the environment and society. In so doing, fairness and integrity, sustainable innovation, and a commitment to excellence are of paramount importance to us. In 2019, we began publishing an annual sustainability report that is based on the GRI Standards.

The Sustainability Report 2020 under the banner "Driving transformation" has now been published.

Read the report by clicking on this link.